February 13, 2011
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Editor's Letter

Need a Job? Are You Hiring? We Can Help!

   Oil&Gas Eurasia  is launching a new service to help employers in the oil and gas industry find qualified personnel in the Russian oil and gas patch – marketing of job vacancies across print and Internet platforms.

   What is cross platform advertising? Every channel of...

Main Article

Honeywell Creates a Virtual Refinery in Gubkin Oil&Gas University

On Tuesday Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas was the scene of presentation of a new virtual refinery project

Featured Article

Making Oil a Family Business Could be Win-Win for Russia

Small and medium oil companies globally comprise an important part of the oil and gas industry. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, small and medium producers drill 90 percent of the oil and gas wells in the U.S.

More Top Features

Flaring Up - Companies Pay High Costs To Be Green

Russia is the world leader in the flaring of associated petroleum gas (APG). Russia has 13.6 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Meanwhile the country flares 30 percent of total APG flared in the world.

Improvement of the Technology for Diesel Oil Fractions Hydrotreating

Hydrotreating of the diesel oil fractions is one of the most common catalytic processes in the layouts of petroleum refineries.

Modified Izmeron Complexes Help Increase Oil Production in TNK-BP and Rosneft

Today artificial lift methods are used on the well stock, which have been producing for several decades. In such wells the production casing is either in need of a full repair or very close to this state.

Refining Is a Significant Business-segment for Lukoil Group

Many reasons point to the need of “honing up” the domestic refining segment. This is required by the economic-related logic of oil and gas segment, as well as by social needs and the issues of the national security of energy supply.

Nefteavtomatika: Mature Company Reveals the Secret of Youth

Companies that long retain leadership positions always attract attention not only of its customers and partners, but also of its competitors.

Pall Separator Technology Р “Made to Spec”

Late in May 2008, acceptance tests of a modernized 20C-1/7 separator were completed at the UKPG-3C gas treatment plant at Zapolyarnoe field.

Present-day Tools of Standardization System in TMK Group

The provision of standards-related information is very important for TMK and its subsidiaries, just as for any large company.

TNK-BP ‘onsolidates geoscience experience of Tyumen and London Universities

The oil and gas industry maintains stringent requirements for those who wish to be considered “Specialists”. 

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