April 26, 2009
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№4 April   2009

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Home / Issue Archive / 2009 / March #3 / Success! Nat Gas Convoy Reaches Sochi with Many Smiles

№ 3 (March 2009)

Success! Nat Gas Convoy Reaches Sochi with Many Smiles

As we rolled towards Sochi today, we refueled again – not at a gas station this time – but with the help of a refueling truck equipped with compressed natural gas storage tanks.

By Alexsey Chesnokov

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 If you think of an LNG tanker with it’s distinctive domes, just shift your frame of reference to the road and envision the same in miniature, mounted on a truck.

Refusing was quick and the convoy took off, again weaving its way along those distinctive Black Sea shore serpentine roads. Everything went smoothly – we were green and very happy about it.


Upon entering Sochi, we had another stop, at a motor ship for KAMAZ trucks working on compressed natural gas. This motor shop was built especially for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, where the dominant use of natural gas in engines is expected.   

After that the column moved to the resort city where we anticipated the joy of its subtropical climate and a bit of a rest.  

 Today a meeting and rally closing ceremony is expected. After that joint proceedings of the Russian Governmental Gas Fuel Commission and Russian Gas Society are to be held. The important decisions are to be made, promoting further development of the gas fuel transport in Russia.

Tomorrow the column will start its way back to Moscow. But guess what? I’m off the airport and a short flight home to Moscow.


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