June 9, 2009
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Home / Issue Archive / 2009 / March #3 / Snow in Moscow? We’ve got Flowers Blooming in Krasnodar! The VNIIGAZ Road Rally Continues

№ 3 (March 2009)

Snow in Moscow? We’ve got Flowers Blooming in Krasnodar! The VNIIGAZ Road Rally Continues

Though we’re currently on the road right now, here’s a little more detail on what happened in Rostov-on-Don on Monday.

By Alexei Chesnokov

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In the morning, journalists and various specialists got a chance to get “up close and personal” with the vehicles and their engine parts – all powered by compressed natural gas. This took place outside the “Vertol”exhibition.complex.

 As we spoke earlier, there are all sorts of vehicles on this roadshow – everything from KAMAZ heavy trucks to Mercedes. The KAMAZ driver told me, that the compressed gas engine is highly competitive to the gasoline powered variety. I asked if the natural gas ever leaks from the system. His answer? Not once in the five years he’s been driving such vehicles.   Such reliability can be explained by the special construction of gas pipeline joints and the increased wall thickness of the seamless pipelines.

 Afterwards, we participated in the Third Oil&Gas Don Congress, in which representatives of the Rostov Region administration, Russian gas motor society and VNIIGAZ VIP’s participated.

  VNIIGAZ General Director Roman Samsonov spoke and reminded everyone that the gas engine was invented and designed, fully fabricated, long before the gasoline engine ever was. This actually happened in 1860. The invention is attributed to the French mechanic, Etienne Lenoir.   Aver the years, Lenoir’s invention was forgotten, only to be brought back to life today because of its environmental superiority to gasoline engines, Samsonov offered.  

             The 272-kilometer bus ride from Rostov-on-Don to Krasnodar took a few hours and was accomplished without incident. The trip though Southern Russia’s “Black Earth” plains, passing over endless rivers and past shallow lakes surrounded by vegetation as high as a man, was spectacular. The trip is intended to demonstrate the reliability of natural gas powered transport. So far, so good.

           On the journey, all of the vehicles in our convoy were refueledon compressed natural gas at a brand new refueling staion in Stanica (Village) Kushchevskaya. It is one of the largest of such stations. As a result of the station’s modernization in 2008, the new Lenpromavtomatika monitoring system was installed as well as the new refueling and gas metering system, that ensures precise gas metering in kilos instead of cubic meters as before.

 In the evening, the convoy with the honorable escort of the local GIBDD (Russian road police, referred to by English speakers under the old acronym GAI) arrived in the Krasnodar, where spring was bursting out all over. Yes, you can be envious with the snow I hear you got the last two days in Moscow. I’m looking at trees and flowers in a park that are in full bloom already! And if that doesn’t make you green (pardon the pun) with envy, just wait till we get to Sochi and its Black Sea beaches!.



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