April 17, 2009
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№3 March   2009

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№ 3 (March 2009)

Terrific Tubes! Uraltrubmash Production Facilities Upgraded for Product Expansion

One of the current strategic goals at Uraltrubmash is the expansion of long-length tube sales in both  domestic and foreign markets.

By Article supplied by Uraltrubmash

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   To achieve this goal, the company has taken steps to improve the tube (strip steel-rolled) stock quality. For example, recent equipment additions both increase output and quality assurance.

   Uraltrubmash specialists have developed a program to manufacture ST60, ST70, ST80 and ST90 tubes similar to the U.S.-manufactured long-length tubes. To achieve world standard quality, a team of experienced U.S. specialists have been involved in the development.

   Uraltrubmash is taking certain steps to upgrade its  production facilities.  For example, it is replacing S420MC steel grade is being replaced with ASTM A606 Type 4 to improve the tubes’ quality.  A606 Type 4 is a high quality steel grade used for the most critical products and can be recommended for use in low temperatures as found in the Siberian and Arctic regions. This steel grade has a lower sulfur and phosphorus content. It also has a higher ductility and viscosity compared with other steel grades of similar standard quality carbon content. Its silicium content increases rupture strength and elastic properties. The addition of manganese contributes to the yield point and wear-resisting properties of the tubes.  Aluminum, vanadium and molybdenum used for alloying, contribute to grain size reduction with a simultaneous strength and viscosity increase resulting in lowering of cold-shortness threshold. Vanadium improves weldability and prevents grain growth in a weld. Additionally, nickel and copper are added during steel modification to increase its strength, fracture toughness and atmospheric corrosion resistance.

   The first bundle of A606 Type 4 steel grade is being successfully used in the course of operational testing.

   The company recently signed a contract with the world leading manufacturer, ARCELOR MITTAL, for delivery of the modified ASTM A606 Type 4 steel grade. According to Uraltrubmash specialists and DTB consumers, which were involved in negotiations and discussions, the application of this steel grade will enable production of the world standard long-length tubes. Primary efforts will be focused on ST80 tubes production. These tubes are primarily demanded by the oil and gas producers and service companies operating in Russia.

   In addition to alloying, the required set of properties is usually ensured with a heat treatment as well, resulting in the best steel structure for a specific product.
The welding head produced by the British welding equipment manufacturer, IHWT THERMATOOL, has already been launched into operation, ensuring that longitudinal welds will be the ideal geometry and that the weld will be very stable.

   Uraltrubmash has introduced another unit manufactured by IHWT THERMATOOL for local heat treatment of a longitudinal weld enabling the best heat treatment of the weld resulting in maximum properties distribution along the tube section.

   The unit is fitted with a microprocessor ensuring continuous monitoring and maintenance of the required temperature of the heat-treated weld. Continuous recording of the heat treatment parameters is provided for.
The commissioning of the welding head and the unit for local heat treatment of the weld, as well as personnel training, was fulfilled with involvement of British specialists.

   In the future, the company plans to purchase check-out facilities enabling an increase in the range of the manufactured tubes and to expedite quality control procedures. In particular, Uraltrubmash will purchase new equipment for steel strip inspection, for oblique welds, tube longitudinal welds and tube outside surface quality control, as well as for a non-stop automatic measuring of the geometrical dimensions of a tube’s outside surface.

   Simultaneously, they plan to introduce the enlargement line including a two-position, steel strips recoiling machine, an accumulator with a horizontal axle for strip accumulation and storage, an inductor for oblique welds heat treatment enabling heating at accurate preset temperature, as well as equipment for automated argon-arc gas-shielded welding.

   Reel tubes assortment and output rate will be increased with the help of a tube reel unit with a horizontal axle; the unit purchase is planed within the modernization program framework.

   In cooperation with VNIIGAZ, new Technical Specifications have been developed with due account of peculiar features of tubes production of A606 Type 4 steel grade.

   Technical Specifications are currently being discussed with the permanent Gazprom Commission for the acceptance of new types of tube products.
The modernization program is targeted to the production of 25.4-60.3 mm tubes complying with the API 5ST and API 5LCP standards. After modernization, the tubes output will achieve 500 tons per year.

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