April 17, 2009
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№3 March   2009

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№ 3 (March 2009)

New Severstal-metiz Innovations for Effective Mining

When global oil prices fall, oil producers often look to reduce operational costs. Development of new efficient and cost-effective production technologies becomes the highest priority.

By Irina Peremetko

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   The Severstal-metiz Group of Companies, the Russian market leader in manufacturing unique wire ropes specially designed for exploration and development drilling, is ready to help them with this task.
The wire ropes have a combined three-wire core and three organic fillers (TU 049-2007, type 1) that represent an alternative to the widely used wire rope GOST 16853-88. The wire rope offers a set of technological advantages.

   Extended diameter of external wires ensures increased wear resistance of the product and its longer life.

   The unique design of the core ensures increased flexibility of wire ropes and improved bending stress parameter.

  Organic fillers serve as additional lubrication source, helping to reduce impact load on the rope.
Annual evaluated operational cost reduction due to the use of such rope at a single drilling rig is 8.5 thousand USD. One more effective alternative to GOST 16853-88 is the wire ropes with compacted external strands (TU 049-2007, type 2).
High structural density of this rope type helps to ensure even load on wire and prevent wire breaks in strands. Breaking strength parameters of these ropes are higher than those of similar TU 049, type 1 ropes with standard strands and GOST 16853-88 ropes of the same diameter. Higher lateral compression strength of the product is ensured due to the more compacted design of the rope. Wear resistance of wires in strands in the rope is enhanced owing to reduced contact stresses. In addition, the increased area of contact with the rope bearing surface helps to reduce wear of sheaves and drums. The annual operational cost reduction due to the use of this rope at a single drilling rig reaches as much as 11.5 thousand USD.
TU 049-2007 wire ropes were put into production in 2008. The first lots have already been delivered to consumers and are successfully used with domestic as well as imported drilling systems.
Recent Severstal-metiz innovations include steel multi-strand, rotation resistant wire ropes TU 064-2008 and TU 061-2008. They are designed for use at mobile drilling rigs as well as at heavy lift cranes with a complex rigging arrangement. The wire ropes are quite strong and are fit for multilayer spooling. Their commercial production will begin this year.

   Development of new products for mining which enable customers to reduce their operating costs comes in line with the major task set by Severstal-metiz. That is why since 2008, the company has offered its customers comprehensive technical support, including:

advice in matching product needs with regard to the clients’ equipment and operational conditions;
organization of educational workshops;
assistance with rope installation;
rope life monitoring;

development of new products in accordance with customers’ requirements.
Understanding of market needs, permanent contact with clients, use of Redaelli’s experience (the world leader in manufacturing of wire ropes, affiliated with the Severstal-metiz Group of Companies), investments into the research and development of new technologies, valuable and beneficial for customers, sets Severstal-metiz apart from metalware manufacturers.

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