April 17, 2009
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№3 March   2009

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Home / Issue Archive / 2009 / March #3 / High Scores! Naftaeco Sees Successful Test Run of Cutting Edge Slurry Tank

№ 3 (March 2009)

High Scores! Naftaeco Sees Successful Test Run of Cutting Edge Slurry Tank

NAFTAECO and its client, Nizhnevolzhsky, a subsidiary of BK-Eurasia, have recently completed the successful testing of a new well packing complex. The new complex includes the industrial prototype of the ASO-25 slurry tank, modernised MBM-70/32 manifold unit and the mobile control and monitoring station.

By D.V. Shevtsov

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   The tests have shown that ASO-25 outperforms existingslurry tanks (to date, no similar unit exists on the domestic market) in production capacity, mix quality and setup time. NAFTAECO and BK-Eurasia have enjoyed a successful partnership in the field of new technologies implementation. V.N. Guriev, Deputy Director of Nizhnevolzhsky, S.A. Gorodilov, head of the tamp cement production facility, and A.M. Tulaev, a Deputy Head of the same facility, deserve particular acknowledgement. They developed the technical specifications and provided technical monitoring throughout the project.

   The ASO-25 slurry tank is designed for the preparation and blending of cement slurry used for packing oil and natural gas wells. The unit is a highly efficient tool for projects requiring cement slurry with high-precision viscosity and flow parameters.  The tanks blend multi-compound solutions without any prior mixing of individual ingredients. 
The tanks ensure:

Cement handling flexibility;

Usage flexibility;

Reduction of lost well packing materials (which can occur with jet mixing technology);

Sett up and correction of specifications for the entire cubature, prior to the application;

Simplification of the bundling process in well packing operations;

Blending component solution, without prior preparation of the cement blend.
Hydraulic drive for loading augers and stirrers – one of the key features of ASO-25 unit – ensured the following:

Individual on-off functioning for loading augers and stirrer;

Independent reverse mechanism for every loading auger and stirrer;

Mutually independent speed regulation for stirrers and augers sets;

Improved throughput rate of loading augers
The compact design and usage of the proprietary shaft seal assemblies ensure effortless operation and seamless access to the modules of the unit, also improving maintenance-free run periods.

   During the field run, the hydraulic-actuated ASO-25 unit was tested on the well next to mechanical well-packing complexes of domestic production, notes  A.M. Tulaev, deputy head of the tamp cement production facility at Nizhnevolzhsky. The setup of ASO-25 took 30 minutes less than the setup of its gear-driven counterparts (the average setup time for gear-driven of 45-65 minutes). ASO-25 still ensured shorter cement loading times, fast slurry make-up and high-quality blending, with the end-product at the guaranteed constant density.

   The mobile control and monitoring station, designed in compliance with the client’s requests, is just as appealing to the end-user as the feature-packed ASO-25. In essence, this unit is a mobile home, a well-adjusted combination of living module for service crew and work module with all the equipment required for control and monitoring of the well packing process.

    This fresh approach to a challenging problem resulted in a unique system unparalleled on the domestic market.

   The results of the test run are highly promising for mass production of the system, which was assembled at the Pervomaiskkhimmash factory.

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