April 17, 2009
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№3 March   2009

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№ 3 (March 2009)

Quality Control TMK Introduces New Corporate Quality Management System

Pipe Manufacturing Company (TMK) has become the first company pipe producer in Russia and the CIS, to develop and introduce the Corporate Quality Management System (CQMS).

By Article supplied by TMK

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   The system links several companies of the Group, and was officially approved by international auditors.  The quality management system is one of the tools to be applied by the top management for successful development of companies and creating competitive products.

   Investments, purchasing new technologies and modernization of production alone cannot create competitive products.  It is impossible to develop new fundamental technologies and to justify the cost of modernization without understanding procedures and facilities required to create high quality goods and services.

   That is why TMK has established the Corporate Quality Management System. “Local” systems developed earlier for each of the TMK Group’s companies have become one of the headstones in the corporate quality management system.
At the beginning of the project, the companies’ executives set two tasks for the system developers.  The first task was to improve work with consumers at all interaction levels both in sales departments and on production sites, and the second one to ensure continuous improvement of business processes and enhancement of business efficiency.

   ТМК could not simply allow the selection of traditional methods to ensure compliance with ISO 9001.  A number of compulsory functions (such as processes of production planning, goal-oriented planning, sales, etc.) were transferred from plants to the managing company and to the trading company, and it became necessary to confirm that these processes function in accordance with international standard requirements.  The company’s management initiated the project of establishing the Corporate Quality Management System (CQMS).  The system was developed using the best practices based on experience of consultants from Nordic Consulting Resources.

   The Corporate Quality Management System is an efficient tool for the Group’s top management  making it possible to identify priorities and to evaluate the system’s success.  The first corporate report on was reviewed in December 2008.  Based on the results, specific measures were taken to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce losses from inadequate products, and to optimize the company’s management processes.

   Efficiency enhancing improvements include implementation of an improved proactive prevention procedure, i.e. actions to prevent problems and economic losses in advance.

   The Group’s top management will continue to use CMQS for the company’s benefit.  In the future, the company may implement efficiency enhancement and economical production programs as well as the expansion of statistical methods to identify areas where improvements are still needed.
The company’s CQMS demonstrated its efficiency and was officially approved by international auditors of Lloyd Register Quality Assurance, which is one of the most reliable institutions in this area.  They confirmed that ТМК’s quality management system and business-processes at all management levels of the company, such as planning production and sales, investment activity management, HR management, design and scientific and technical development ensure customer satisfaction.

   ТМК Group management undertakes consecutive measures to create a uniform image of the company both in technical and management terms.  Last year the company completed several large investment projects of production modernization and development.  These projects ensure that ТМК has significant competitive advantages in comparison with other manufacturers.  There were several facilities commissioned: facilities to make longitudinal thick-wall pipes of large diameter at Volzhsky pipe manufacturing plant; pipe rolling facilities with a PQF continuous mill at the Taganrog metallurgical plant; and electric-furnace melting facilities at Seversky pipe plant.  ТМК then switched over to a new production level, improved quality of products, and an expand ed production line.  Because of the company’s commitment to CQMS, their clients can be sure that they will be delivered only stable, quality products and services.  All plants within the Group are now uniform in technical terms and make uniform products of high quality. 

   ТМК strives to use the advanced tools of business-processes management.  Last year, the company completed the establishment of the corporate information system based on SAP ERP.  Alongside that, the Corporate Regulatory and Technical Data Base (CRTDB) was created.  It is a unified classified collection of full text documents for the manufactured products, for internal informational support within the company.

   The core of the system is the document archive. The archive offers a flexible structure for document classification.  Documents may be sorted by type, product, or other criteria.  The security marking is provided for internal access to documents within the company, as well as a system for data protection against external unauthorized access. The automated system of corporate regulatory and technical data archive and the automated archive document control system significantly speed up the process of developing and approving requests to supply ТМК products to consumers and enables prompt processing of production orders and formation of a basis for developing corporate and national standards.

   Management processes synchronize and ensure smooth working conditions.  Consumers may benefit from faster order processing, and higher quality goods and services.  Additionally, companies can reduce costs for certification in the quality management system by 10-20 percent since a single certificate is all that is required for the entire system.  

   In general, companies significantly benefit from the quality management system because it ensures advantages for efficient business development in the competitive environment. And consumers also can stand assured of stability and continuous improvement in quality of products and services supplied by companies working on the basis of quality management principles.

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