April 10, 2011
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Editor's Letter

Taking It on the “Americhin”

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Americhin – it’s a strange word. I heard it for the first time last night on CNN. A panel of economists were debating how the world might recover from our deepening recession. All their talk was mere opinion. My opinion is that not a single expert has the...

Main Article

Success! Nat Gas Convoy Reaches Sochi with Many Smiles

As we rolled towards Sochi today, we refueled again – not at a gas station this time – but with the help of a refueling truck equipped with compressed natural gas storage tanks.

Featured Article

Advanced Technology for ESP Motor Protector Seal Bags

Electric submersible pumps are widely used for the production of deep-seated liquid fluids such as oil, water, or mineral fluids. To help with the lubrication of bearings and cooling down of electric motors, dielectric oils are applied.

More Top Features

Gazpromneft Cuttings Injected Into Reservoir for the First Time in Russia

Like people, every oil field has its own personality and each block of oil fields brings new challenges for oil specialists. With people, one can't expect to win every argument. With oil, even today, successful drilling still accepts a five percent failure rate for wells. 

Quality Control TMK Introduces New Corporate Quality Management System

Pipe Manufacturing Company (TMK) has become the first company pipe producer in Russia and the CIS, to develop and introduce the Corporate Quality Management System (CQMS).

High Scores! Naftaeco Sees Successful Test Run of Cutting Edge Slurry Tank

NAFTAECO and its client, Nizhnevolzhsky, a subsidiary of BK-Eurasia, have recently completed the successful testing of a new well packing complex. The new complex includes the industrial prototype of the ASO-25 slurry tank, modernised MBM-70/32 manifold unit and the mobile control and monitoring station.

New PCPs Provide More Economical Well Development

The progressing cavity pump (PCP) is a standard lift system for oil production as well as sucker rod pumps and EPS pumps. The application of PCPs has been limited for decades only to the vertical wells to handle oil fluids featuring high viscosity and high sand cut.

SPD Drilling Success: The Best of Russia Teams Up With the Best of the West

Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) is a joint venture established on a 50:50 basis by Shell and Russian oil company Evikhon controlled by Sibir Energy plc. Since 2003, SPD has been developing the Salym group of oilfields, which are located in the Western Siberia, with the licence area totalling 2,141.4 sq. kilometers.

New Severstal-metiz Innovations for Effective Mining

When global oil prices fall, oil producers often look to reduce operational costs. Development of new efficient and cost-effective production technologies becomes the highest priority.

Terrific Tubes! Uraltrubmash Production Facilities Upgraded for Product Expansion

One of the current strategic goals at Uraltrubmash is the expansion of long-length tube sales in both  domestic and foreign markets.

Weatherford Liner System Suits Caspian

New technologies allow for complex well designs to reach their planned TD without loss of hole size. The Metalskin Monobore Open Hole Liner described below is becoming a standard part of well design.

Trasneft Pipeline to Reach Chinese Border Within Weeks

The Russian state oil pipeline Transneft will finish the laying of the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline to the Chinese border within weeks, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Monday when presenting to the State Duma, lower house of parliament, a government report.

Bond Holders Threaten SSK with Bankruptcy

Russia’s financial daily newspaper “Vedodmosti” reported Tuesday that Russian drilling contractor Siberian Service Co. (SSK) is being pressured by three creditors who are threatening to force SSK into bankruptcy.

VNIIgaz, Gazprom, "et al" Go Green with Nat Gas Motor Rally to Sochi

Join Oil&Gas Eurasia the week of April 19 as our Senior Editor Alexsey Chesnokov travels with those ecologically minded from Gazprom, VNIIGAZ, the Russian National Gas Motor Association and Gazprom Transgas Kuban on a motor rally across Southern Russia.

Find Out What Our Ecologically Correct Road Warrior Did Last Night in Rostov

This week, Oil&Gas Eurasia’s  Senior Editor Alexsey Chesnokov is traveling with a convoy of trucks buses and cars from Moscow to Sochi. The road rally is organized by Gazprom, VNIIGAZ, the Russian National Gas Motor Association and Gazprom Transgas Kuban to demonstrate the effectiveness of ecologically clean, gas-powered transport.

Snow in Moscow? We’ve got Flowers Blooming in Krasnodar! The VNIIGAZ Road Rally Continues

Though we’re currently on the road right now, here’s a little more detail on what happened in Rostov-on-Don on Monday.

Life's a Breeze with GAI on Your Side! Novorossiysk is Next

Day 3 of our Road Rally and I’m proud to report we made it from Rostov-on-Don to Krasnodar without a single traffic light!

Soon It’s Hit the Beach in Sochi! Gazprom Road Rally Continues

It’s impossible to compare the road from Novorossiysk to Sochi to what we’ve seen earlier in the week. We had a straight shot from Rostov crossing the Kuban steepes. But now, after a stopover in Novorossiysk, we’re in the mountains!

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