January 9, 2011
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Editor's Letter

A Chicagoan in Russia Offers a Perspective on Bribery and Corruption Illinois-Style

I was talking to a guy from Texas the other day who wants to sell oilfield equipment to Russian companies. “It’s hard to work in Russia,” he said. Why? “They want bribes here and we’re a U.S. company. We can’t bribe. It’s against the law....

Main Article

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back. Is the Latest Crisis Cause for Another Time-Out in the Barents Sea?

The world financial crisis precipitated a ticker tape parade of stories in the Russian media this autumn that suggested that development of offshore oil and gas in the giant Shtokman gas-condensate field might again be delayed.

Featured Article

Pushing Boundaries "Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz" Sees No Continental Divides

Zarubezhneftegaz is one of the largest of Gazprom’s companies to carry out exploration and development of overseas fields.

More Top Features

Don’t Miss the End of an Era

Overcoming the stagnation in Russian oil production will only be possible through a significant increase in investment in existing fields and the exploration and development of new ones. The option of conserving the oil resources in the ground is not best idea.

Finish What You Start - Utilizing Domestic Service Companies for Existing Well Optimization

Natalia Nicholaevna Andreeva’s reputation as a prominent expert in the oil and gas industry is based upon an incredible breadth of experience. The current benefactor of her talent is the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, where she is a professor.

Basic Indexes Of Efficient Application of Light Alloy Drill Pipes of Improved Reliability (LAIDP)

When drilling deep, super-deep, and especially horizontal boreholes it is extremely important to provide the high performance reliability of Drill String, reduce its stressed-deformed state and provide trouble-free service under extreme loads and at high temperatures.

M-I SWACO Facilities at Marine Support Base Reduces Drilling Waste, Aids the Environment

The experience of both global and Russian offshore drilling projects calls for the use of high-technology marine support bases.

VNIIGAZ’s Technological Expedition - Time for Hydrates

In July 2008 VNIIGAZ’s technological expedition studying gas hydrates of Lake Baikal conducted a research on bottom samples.  The research will be contin-ued in laboratory conditions. 

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