December 1, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2006 / June #6 / BARTEC SST CIS grows stronger on the Russian market

№ 6 (June 2006)

BARTEC SST CIS grows stronger on the Russian market

BARTEC SST, CIS is a joint venture between Russia's SST (Special Systems and Technologies) company and the German firm BARTEC. SST is a leader in the Russian industrial heating market while BARTEC is the world's largest producer of explosion-protected equipment. Oil&Gas; Eurasia spoke recently with Mikhail Strupinsky, executive director the BartecSST CIS joint venture, about the company's product line, customer support and distribution network.

By Olga Hilal, Sergei Korobov

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OGE: How did Bartec and SST find one another?
Mikhail Strupinsky: SST (Special Systems and Technologies) was founded in 1991. It produces heating cable systems for industrial plants, pipelines, storage, etc. We are a leading company in this area on the Russian market and have are own assembly and design divisions. Therefore, we attracted the attention of the German company, Bartec, which produces explosion-proof equipment. At their initiative, last year a joint venture was set up which was called BartecSSTCIS.

OGE: Does Bartec specialize particularly in explosion protection?
MS: This company was established in 1975. At present it has 25 offices in different countries world-wide and holds a leading position in the area of explosion protection. Bartec actually created this sector of the industry. All their production is of superior quality, so all companies involved in explosion protection are guided by the standards and level set up by BARTEC. 

OGE: Is it a quality standard?
MS: Exactly. It includes all equipment related to industrial electric heating, explosion-protected cabinets and boxes of all types including unique ones. They are classified as the following types: i, p, d, etc. The common type is e, sometimes i. BARTEC also manufactures cabinets of P and D class. There are very few companies in the world which manufacture equipment of these classes. Class D is, as a rule, equipment for mines, a separate market sector. Mining equipment is subject to the most stringent requirements with regard to explosion protection. This company also manufactures explosion-proof stationary computers, computers for accounting, management and portable ones. In addition, BARTEC is the only company in the world which manufactures explosion-proof bar-code readers. The company also produces explosion-proof motors. There are also control devices for loading and unloading explosive oil products, which are installed on airport refuellers, on fuel servicing trucks, on stationary units of oil product distribution; these devices make it possible to achieve 4-liter accuracy while loading 50,000 liters and to control the automobile attitude position with an accuracy of two to three meters. This ensures absolute control over the unloading of fuel, its dilution, and the measurement of large volumes of fuel to within 1-liter accuracy. This helps prevent theft.
Now, some words about BARTECSSTCIS. This is an exclusive office of BARTEC in Russia, which is a joint venture of BARTEC and SST. The functions of SST include the following: to service BARTEC products, to ensure deliveries, engineering, consultations and to present their products in Russia.

OGE: Do they train your specialists?
MS: Yes, all of our specialists have been trained in Germany and are able to provide valuable consultations and estimate what equipment is necessary for solving this or that problem. Our design capabilities are actually unique on the Russian market. Many manufacturers give the design work away to the design institutes. Only a few of them perform the design work themselves. Our company attracted BARTEC by our own large design capabilities. In other words, we can offer a complete cycle of services. As a rule, foreign specialists perform consultations; design work is done by a specialized company or by specialists of the customer. Delivery is organized by an agent. Assembly is done by a specialized assembly organization. In our case, the customers have a single point of responsibility in the area of industrial heating and explosion-proof equipment represented by our company.

OGE: 100 percent from the beginning to the end?
MS: Certainly! That is, the customer will receive preliminary consulting and, if necessary, calculations and design work, the latter supported by all required licenses and certificates including certificates of Rosneft, Gasprom, etc.  Delivery is done in the specified time, sometimes in really tough time constraints. Assembly can be also performed, if necessary. We have an appropriate department which can perform this work. And, of course, warranty and post-warranty obligations. Based on our experience (we have thousands of customers), we can state that all that I have talked about is in great demand now in the industry. The customers do not need to think of integrating all these components, they are already integrated by one legal entity and the same people who manage the whole project.

OGE: Does the joint-venture operate on the territory of Russia or CIS?
MS: Operation on the CIS is implied by the name of the joint venture. A network of economic agents and representative offices exists virtually in all the largest markets of CIS countries - Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We have offices in other countries as well, but the market volume is not so big there.

OGE: BARTEC itself has a huge market. Do you have any supplementary opportunities to add new areas where you have not been operating?
MS: Our task for the next one to two years is to ensure an adequate presentation of BARTEC's products in Russia and the CIS. This is our major task and the main task of the joint venture. According to experts on this market, BARTEC products were poorly presented in Russia in previous years. Therefore, our task is to fill this gap as quickly as possible, to adequately present these products, to inform the largest users of the possibilities of their application.

OGE: What scope of work has been done during the first six months of this year?
MS: Great work has been done, very good contracts have been signed, our products have been delivered to large customers, to offshore platforms; the design and manufacturing of which has taken place in Russia and Ukraine.
There is always certain potential for even more development.

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