August 27, 2008
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Editor's Letter

Heard of ISO 2001? Now Meet BPA Worldwide

Pat Davis Szymczak

I'm sure that most of our readers know well how important it is to say that their company has achieved an ISO 2001 or API certification. For the most part, prestigious global companies simply refuse to trade with any firm that does not meet one or both of these international standards in...

Safety Equipment

BARTEC SST CIS grows stronger on the Russian market

BARTEC SST, CIS is a joint venture between Russia's SST (Special Systems and Technologies) company and the German firm BARTEC. SST is a leader in the Russian industrial heating market while BARTEC is the world's largest producer of explosion-protected equipment. Oil&Gas; Eurasia spoke recently with Mikhail Strupinsky, executive director the BartecSST CIS joint venture, about the company's product line, customer support and distribution network.


Computer and Nanotechnologies in Oil Pump Engineering

There are at least two reasons to apply computer modeling methods in the design and upgrade of submersible electrical centrifugal pump units (ESPs.)

Cover Story

Russian Gas Tap Turns to China

In the 15th century, Russia (then Moscovy) adopted the double headed eagle as the symbol of its imperial state power. This symbol has endured more than 500 years, its use interrupted only by the Soviets from 1917 to 1993. The eagle's heads look simultaneously East and West in acknowledgement that Russia straddles both Europe and Asia.

Exporting Gas Along a (Few) New Silk Road(s)

The Altai gas pipeline to China would cross the environmentally senstive Ukok plateau, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Russian Electrodes LEZLBgp for Oil&Gas Products Pipeline Welding

The scope of electrode welding in the construction and repair of oil-and-gas products pipelines is growing rapidly. On-route conditions of conduit joint welding in oil-and-gas products pipelines determine rigid requirements to the electrodes, recommended for such operations.

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