October 25, 2008
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№ 10 (October 2008)

Improving Shift Camp Performance

In the last three years, Russia  witnessed a vast increase in the amount of new oil and gas fields and mining assets. The necessity to develop these assets resulted in the increasing demand in mobile and pre-fabricated buildings.

By Materials Supplied by Techmash Group

Oil and gas producers and contractors select vendors of mobile and pre-fabricated buildings based on their experience and capabilities to provide a wide-range services in turn-key field construction, including site preparation for the shift camp, fabrication and delivery, as well as assembly, commissioning, and on-going maintenance.
The Techmash Group is such a company, and it is well-known for production of Yermak trailers, shift camps and pre-fabricated buildings. There are over 300 modifications of Yermak mobile buildings. Their safe and robust frame design allows them to withstand loads during shipping at long distances along the public-access roads and off-road routes. Their HVAC system provides for an advantageous microclimate. They provide comfortable furniture and pre-installed equipment which performs safely for the entire life of the unit. The equipment does not require any special maintenance.
The Techmash Group’s turn-key construction of shift camps is in demand. To cite a few examples, Techmash Group has recently completed the construction of the infrastructure for TNK-Nyagan’s oil and gas production unit (NDGP) Kamenny. Shift camps for KCA Deutag Drilling in Ustie-Gussky, Urninsky and Tyamkinsky fields have been commissioned, and construction of a shift camp on Sambursky field has been completed.
Turn-key shift camp construction includes utilities infrastructure as well: water, power and heat supply, communications and security systems.
A mobile water treatment station in block-modules can be used for water treatment. A mobile water treatment station is a trailer-based structure. The mobile station is designed for potable water supply for small camps up to 200 people. The stations of higher capacity are installed in block-modules or pre-fabricated buildings. The stations of this kind are fitted with a tank for purified potable water of higher capacity. Due to its modular design, the equipment of the station can be easily repaired and maintained.
Waste water treatment stations can be installed in a trailer, container or a pre-fabricated building, or submerged. A three stage process is applied for household effluents treatment. During the first stage, solids are removed from the water and then organic contaminants are removed as well. At the third stage, water is treated with UV lamps to kill bacteria. After the treatment,  the water meets all the environmental requirements of Russia Law. Treated water can be recycled for technical use, or discharged.
Up to 5 MW power units are installed for power supply. The delivered power units include diesel generators, buildings, automation systems and fuel tanks. Techmash Group is a partner of Cummins and is widely using diesel generators from this manufacturer. They have proved themselves as the most reliable within the Russian market. The equipment is selected to ensure maximum power consumption and energy security. The proposed diesel generators are used as main or stand-by power sources.
Techmash Group provides for the integral solutions starting from basis of design to commissioning of all shift camp facilities, and their further maintenance. Techmash Group specialists are always ready to find the best solutions with regard to the customers’ technical and economical demands.

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