December 1, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2008 / September #9 / KUNGUR Showcases Rigs, Motors to Siberian Audience

№ 9 (September 2008)

KUNGUR Showcases Rigs, Motors to Siberian Audience

Group of KUNGUR Companies made a presentation of newly developed mobile MBU-180/250 Drill Rigs and downhole hydraulic motors to the oilmen of Siberia.

By Materials Supplied by KUNGUR Group

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Group of KUNGUR Companies made a presentation of newly developed mobile MBU-180/250 Drill Rigs and downhole hydraulic motors to the oilmen of Siberia.
Group of KUNGUR Companies made a presentation of newly developed mobile MBU-180/-250 Drill Rigs and downhole hydraulic motors to the oilmen in Nizhnevartovsk. Engineers and designers of the holding described their new products to the oil service companies’ specialists, demonstrated performance of individual units and mechanisms of the oil field equipment.
MBU-180 and MBU-250 are capable to drill deep wells, sidetracks, production and exploration wells, they are good for oil and gas wells workover and recovery.
“Company also offers a full set of associated equipment for new drill rigs, the so-called ‘mobile drilling complex’,” Vladimir Yudkevich, CEO (the Chief Executive Officer) of managing company KUNGUR-MANAGEMENT, says. “In particular, the complex includes various modules such as drilling mud cleaning unit, mud storage unit, pump/compressor unit, air heaters, power generator units and other equipment required for operations.”
In Nizhnevartovsk, KUNGUR Group presented new models of hydraulic downhole motors to their clients (HDM). The Group manufactures over 70 dimension-types of HDM. The Kungur Engineering Plant manufactures the following types of motors: screw downhole motors and universal screw motors having angle controllers, turbodrills and turbodrills-deflectors.
“New motors were designed in order to improve their operational reliability, mechanical characteristics, energy characteristics and to extend the performance capabilities,” said the HDM Project Manager Nadezhda Korotkikh. “And we managed to achieve these aims. KUNGUR Group has designed screw downhole motors (SDM) for hard operating conditions, horizontal well drilling, and for operation with drag bits. Their advantage is that they can ensure drilling stability in any intervals without drilling rate reduction. New SDM produce low reactionary torque in the process of drilling, which makes it possible to drill the well precisely along the set trajectory.”
According to their specification, HDM overhaul period amounts to 150 hours. The bearing capacity is increased to 25 tons, and service life of radial bearings is now at least 300 hours.
Company products are well proven in the market. Plenty of units produced at Kungur Engineering Plant are in demand for many years. So, this year they celebrate the 15th anniversary of AR 32 unit well-known to oilmen and designed for servicing of individually or cluster-located oil producers. Nowadays its modernized option is AR32/40 M.
The first AR32 unit was manufactured in 1993. The pilot rig passed the tests in Kungurneft Oil and Gas Production Company in Kokui Field. Then about 50 units were supplied to Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Izhevsk, Kogalym and other locations in Russia. In 1995 the unit was modernized, successfully tested and recommended to full-scale production. From 1997 AR32/40M Rig that is a modernized version of AR32 is being manufactured. More than 250 units have been fabricated at the plant’s assembly line.
Group of KUNGUR Companies is one of the leaders in production of drill rigs, tools and drilling equipment servicing. Holding manufactures over 50 modifications of high-tech equipment for oil and gas industry.

The Company’s Products:
mobile drill complexes for drill rigs from 100 to 250 tons;
units for wells completion, workover and drilling with 20-250 tons hook-load capacity;
self-propelled and mobile drill rigs and units for rotary drilling of oil and gas stratigraphic test wells, water wells for agricultural and industrial purposes, water drawdown and hydrogeology;
turbodrills, deflecting turbodrills within the range from 105 to 240 mm;
screw downhole motors, multipurpose screw downhole motors within the range from 76 to 240 mm;
oil field tools.

Nikolai Palagichev is the Director for Public Relations at KUNGUR - Oil Field and Equipment Services.

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