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№ 8 (August 2008)

Old Hands or New Kids on the Block: Here’s Why Exhibitors are Signing Up

The SPE Russian Oil&Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition this year is expected to draw more than 120 exhibitors, the world’s leading E&P suppliers to the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow this October.

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The SPE Russian Oil&Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition this year is expected to draw more than 120 exhibitors, the world’s leading E&P suppliers to the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow this October.
The exhibition is designed for service and supply companies to showcase their world-class technologies and innovations to a highly qualified audience – the more than 4,000 senior executives, engineers and leading professionals that are expected to attend and participate in 20 technical and plenary sessions at the SPE conference.
SPE Russian Oil&Gas was launched in 2006 as a biennial event that remains the region’s only truly technical conference and exhibition. In 2006, 82.84 percent of attendees found SPE Russian Oil&Gas relevant to their business, according to statistics posted at Of attendees that responded to the organizer survey, 59 percent found the event useful to source new products and services, and 63.5 percent said they were able to source new suppliers.
“We received a lot of positive feedback from the clients during and after the conference,” Anna Dubovskaya, Marketing Supervisor in Moscow for Halliburton, said. “Based on the turnout (in 2006) and the high level of delegate interest at our technology papers at the conference, and presentations at our stand, we think that the conference and exhibition was very successful (in 2006) and we expect to see this event grow significantly in the future along with Halliburton’s opportunities for growth in this critically important strategic market.”
That’s why, Dubovskaya said, Halliburton will be back this year along with the other big names in global oilfield services, companies such as event sponsors Baker Hughes and Schlumberger. Upstream operator Chevron is another sponsor. And other companies that have booked exhibition stand space include Swellfix, Paradigm Geophysical, Ryder Scott, Hypertronics, Peloton, RITEK and others. Australia, China and Norway have already committed to national pavilions. For a complete list visit
Halliburton in 2006 participated in the SPE event not only as an exhibitor and sponsor but also in providing its specialists as authors or in the presentation of more than 20 technical papers, also several employees participated in high-level panel discussions. Halliburton’s stand featured real-time translation of technical presentations in Russian and in English. Halliburton Human Resources recruiters from Russia, the U.S. and the Middle East also participated, tapping into the pool of Russian technical talent
This year, Halliburton plans to have a component of its Real Time Operating Center (RTOC) on exhibit. RTOC operation centers provide key technologies and support integrated workflow processes to increase asset team performance across all aspects of drilling and completions workflows and to mitigate cost and risk at the work site. This means a RTOC is involved from the planning stage all the way through to the final review of “lessons learned” for all the wells that are monitored.
This also means developing technologies and solutions that help decrease operational cost and capital expenditures, while increasing reserves and production. The results will help maximize the economic recovery of oil and gas reservoirs. To provide this service, they have to be a real-time company, one that anticipates customer needs and takes immediate actions to exceed customer expectations.
Inna Solovyova, Paradigm’s marketing manager in Moscow offered this assessment of the SPE show both in terms of Paradigm’s participation in 2006 and its return to the show in 2008: “Specialized exhibitions give a complete information impression regarding technologies of interest to clients. This impression is important in choosing between software solutions.”
“Paradigm is exhibiting its technological solutions in geological modeling and well engineering. Also there will be new program equipment for leading geological modeling – SKUA – produced in 2008,” Solovyova continued. “Paradigm’s stand will feature the most up-to-date live, on-line demonstrations. Also visitors can talk to our staff specialists and receive individualized software demonstrations.”
Kappa, a petroleum engineering software company and a Microsoft Certified Partner, will be back this year as well as they consider this sessions to be important at getting the name in front of the industry. Kevin Siggery, Kappa’s marketing manager, explained that their market in Russia is expanding and they have new software being released and wish to take this to the market. Kappa plans to exhibit the new simulator, Rubis, as well as updates to their existing portfolio in the Ecrin suite.They would hope to see a steady flow people wishing to see our software and talk about their current issues.
Hypertronics, a name known to military, aerospace and industrial engineers for its interconnect solutions for harsh environments, is new to the show. It hope to establish its brand in the Russian market and exhibit high performance connectors and cabling, including the company’s new HTT series for high temperature (400 C plus) and corrosive environments. A specialist engineer will be on hand to answer all technical questions.
Swellfix, a UK company based in Aberdeen, will be launching a new high pressure swelling frac sleeve and presenting case studies of where the current product line of zonal isolation packers have made significant production improvements over the past six years. Swellfix produce swellable packers for zonal isolation, cement assurance and well integrity. At the SPE show, Swellfix will focus on a new range of swelling sleeves designed for cement assurance and fracturing applications. Some of the products to be showcased for cement assurance include: the Slip on Swell Sleeve; Cement Sleeve and Cement Zonal Inflow Profiler.
Reservoir evaluation consultants Ryder Scott will have on hand senior engineering and management consultants from its Houston headquarters and from its Russian alliance partner FDP Engineering.
Ryder Scott and FDP have worked for 15 years together on more than 100 projects in the former Soviet Union. On its stand, Ryder will demonstrate analysis tools for evaluation of geosciences/geology studies, field development and EOR design, reservoir simulation, economic analysis, management consulting and expert witness testimony.
AkzoNobel’s coatings and chemicals find their way in many formulations and applications worldwide. Several groups within AkzoNobel supply their products to the Oil and Gas industry. Their Surface Chemistry Group, to cite one example, offers a full range of surfactants that are used in cementing, completion, drilling, pipeline, production, refining and stimulation applications. The Alco group offers specialty water soluble polymers that are used for scale inhibition, dispersion and sequestration, flocculation and rheology control.
Judging by the positive results achieved on the SPE Conference in the 2006 exhibition, this year’s show promises more technologies and technical solutions and even more deals and agreements.

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