May 6, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Labor Decline Hurts Business


Pat Davis Szymczak

On August 1, the daily English language Moscow Times newspaper carried a page one article describing Russia’s labor shortage. This is a shortage not only of people but also a shortage of trained managers capable of improving efficiencies in the economy.
The government, among...

Main Article

When is the Arctic’s turn?

Untold riches are concentrated at the North Pole.  Recently the U.S Geological Survey published the first national evaluation of the mineral resources of this region. 

Featured Article

Rising to the Challenge at SPE Russian Oil and Gas 2008

The challenges facing the Russian oil industry today and the role that technology and new techniques will play are amongst the central issues to come under the spotlight at a major event taking place this October in Moscow.

More Top Features

Zapsibgazprom Musters New Technologies for Construction of Polyethylene Gas Pipelines

At present, wide-scale construction and operation of inter-settlement gas pipelines continues developing in Russia. In all European countries, underground gas pipelines are constructed and reconstructed mainly of polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings.

Old Hands or New Kids on the Block: Here’s Why Exhibitors are Signing Up

The SPE Russian Oil&Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition this year is expected to draw more than 120 exhibitors, the world’s leading E&P suppliers to the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow this October.

Russia's Oldest Oil Producing Field Marks 65th Anniversary

First discovered in 1943, Tatneft’s Romashkinskoye oilfield was the first of  Russia’s mega fields of platform type geology to be produced using contour waterflooding. Data gleaned in 1943, however, was not all that impressive and it took a second look, in 1948, to discover the Devonian layers where 90 percent of the field’s reserves were hidden.

Gas Power: Russia’s “Blue Fuel” Won’t Be Enough for All

Today, more than half of electric power generated in Russia falls to power plants running on natural and associated petroleum gas. Accordingly, less than a half is generated by other plants: nuclear power, hydroelectric power, coal, residual fuel, diesel fuel, etc.

Gazprom’s Not the Only Player in Russian Fields

In Russia today the so-called independent gas producers (IGP) become more and more independent. And Gazprom has nothing to do with it, they are independent from each other.

Burintekh Extends the Area of PDC Bit Application

Traditionally, companies of the oil industry summarize the results of their work in the previous twelve months on the eve of the Oilman’s Day. Burintekh is not an exception.

Russian CT Celebrates Its Achievements

The year 2008 is an important milestone in the life of the plant. Uraltrubmash is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. This this year domestic coiled tubing industry celebrates its 10th anniversary, as  the first bunch of long length tubing in coils was fabricated in 1998.

Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet from Fidmash

NOV FIDmash does not need to be introduced to the regular readers. This company is well-known both in Russia and abroad. In short time, it became the leading manufacturer of equipment for oil and gas industry, and now it can be proud of its brand.

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