December 1, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2008 / July #7 / Online Networking Connects Oil and Gas Professionals

№ 7 (July 2008)

Online Networking Connects Oil and Gas Professionals

From Houston to Anchorage to Baku, Rio, Moscow, Port Harcourt and Astana, the oil and gas industry touches nearly every part of the globe...

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Companies access talent for short and long term opportunities

From Houston to Anchorage to Baku, Rio, Moscow, Port Harcourt and Astana, the oil and gas industry touches nearly every part of the globe. Experienced professionals travel where the action is, applying innovative technologies and expertise to harness these rich resources.  Now professionals can indicate their skills and availability on, an online networking community specifically for oil and gas professionals.  This online community enables professionals to indicate their interest in either full time or part time opportunities.
 In such a dynamic work environment, staying connected is paramount. To aid in this effort, Connex features include an assessment form.  This form enables individuals to indicate their skills, their mobility preferences and their availability for project work.   Consultants are able to include a profile of their services.  Recent placements have included providing companies with interim managers, consultants for knowledge management, trainers and mentors and full time staff.
 “Employees leave a company for a variety of reasons—new project opportunities, an interest to explore working for themselves, early retirement, family reasons or as part of an acquisition or industry downturn. Connex is a way for companies and professionals to stay connected and keep the door open for future job opportunities,” says Cathy Clonts, president of CRJC International, an online networking and recruiting organization, which serves the recruiting needs for a number of Fortune 100 companies. is continuously updated and maintained to ensure a secure, reliable and effective “meeting point” on the Web for professional networking and recruiting. “Members can maintain and expand their business network, foster professional and personal relationships, develop new business opportunities and explore employment opportunities,” Clonts explains.
 For employers, Connex helps meet the need for an experienced workforce in a competitive recruiting environment. The interactive online networking community database enables employers to access talent for full- and part-time projects, particularly technical talent and thereby continue staying on time and on budget  “Online networking communities are changing our working world.  Connex helps companies identify job ready candidates.  Connex enhances business connections and serves as an innovative recruiting tool for accessing talent outside of the conventional job market.
 To find out how you or your business can get connected, contact [email protected]

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