April 14, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Siberian Bear Spotters Fight Back Just in Time for Neftegaz 2008


Pat Davis Szymczak

Last month I issued a challenge in this column to all Russian patriots who work in the oilfield – send me some pictures of Russian bears!
Vladimir Zotov, Marketing Manager at MI-SWACO in Moscow responded with a photo of a Polar Bear taken...

Main Article

Russia to Become Key Player in World LNG Over Next 10 Years

Сonstruction works on the centrepiece of the huge oil and gas Sakhalin II development - the LNG plant - are nearing completion.

Featured Article

Wood Group ESPs Solve Surface Pumping Problems for LUKOIL

The international services company Wood Group is breaking new ground in the ESP (electric submersible pump) field in Russia with technology and business approaches that are fit to purpose.

More Top Features

Integra's ‘Yekaterina' Ships Off to Yamal for Gazprom

A heavy duty drilling rig is traditionally considered to be one of the most complicated types of oil and gas equipment.

Application of Reverse Time Migration to Complex Imaging Problems in the North Sea

Seismic time and depth migration is commonly carried out using either integral or conventional (one-way) wavefield extrapolation techniques.

Builders of Murmansk Contribute to Developing Hydrocarbon Deposits of Arctic Shelf

The Shtokman natural gas field is a resource base for exporting Russian gas to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline, which is currently under construction. It will one day also produce gas for conversion to LNG.  In accordance with the plans of Gazprom, the field shall produce the first gas as early as in 2013 and the first liquefied gas in 2014.

Vietgazprom: Tames China Sea Panther

Today’s chasing after new hydrocarbon reserves is more and more actively moving seaward.

Kogalymnefteprogress Turns into a Service Holding

Kogalymnefteprogress Production Enterprise was set up in the early 1990s within RITEK, a company of innovation. The idea was to make an alternative to the costly overseas service.

CAT Technology Sets a Benchmark in Improving Formation Acoustic Treatment Techniques

Given the fact that in the nearest years oil and gas will stay the most demanded primary power sources it is essential to maintain the high level of their production.

The VECTOR Unit Forms Stable Water-Fuel Emulsions

Most frequently, in using fuel oil one may encounter such problems as:
High water content in fuel oil and problems with its combustion. In many cases, water content in fuel oil significantly exceeds the maximum permissible values (instead of 1.5 percent, the water content reaches 12-16 percent, and in some cases – 20-35 percent). This results in serious problems of ignition and combustion process.

Young Petroleum Engineers Showcase at Tyumen State Oil and Gas University Modern Technologies for Fuel and Energy Sector

The prestige associated with the engineering profession, which all but faded away in the Soviet period, is now resurging.

Ukraine’s Government Says: Vanco Go Home! But is the Rothschild family changing partners?

The ongoing feud among all sectors of Ukrainian power is ratcheting up in noise volume. And where could a single investor go?

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