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May 10, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2008 / May #5 / Konstantin Paikov, NG-Energo Chief Engineer

№ 5 (May 2008)

Konstantin Paikov, NG-Energo Chief Engineer

It has been an example of successful cooperation between NG-Energo, Uralmash-VNIIBT and Cummins, so it can be noted that the system is rather simple and reliable in terms of design

By Konstantin Paikov, NG-Energo Chief Engineer

It can be operated with drilling rigs BU 4200U, which have been modified in terms of their electro-technical part to improve the electric power characteristics. According to field reports, the system may be used with various types of rigs.

The power generating system uses a rather simple central control console, which enables all necessary operations during drilling. The design and engineering solutions, which had been field-tested, were devised to enable easy and reliable operation with a drilling rig. To enable all operations required in the course of drilling, an easy-to-operate control board had been designed to fit the power generating system.  After testing various options, NG-Energo engineers came to the conclusion that on the whole, there are two ways for the drilling complex operation optimization: one is to develop jointly with Uralmash-VNIIBT a system of shared control of the drilling rig and power generating complex (which is our aim), or, alternatively, to develop a system controlled by operator, in which case the station will be controlled by the driller’s assistant commands. The matter is that it is difficult to program the controller, as it doesn’t seem feasible, even with certain probability, to develop a drilling algorithm. We made an attempt to automate the process with the help of a controller, but finally the system was shut off, and the rig was controlled manually by the operator.  However, we worked at all options, and the controller can be supplied at the customer’s request, though experience showed that another option is preferable. Some options include use of a computer with installed SCADA system, which enables information overview by digital protocols. It is also possible to display information from the protection units, current and voltage parameters. We didn’t have to implement this solution in this system, but in principle, this task can be solved.

NG-Energo’s diesel power-generating system is easy to operate as compared to systems supplied in containers with removable sidewalls to the northern regions with snow cover and generally unfavorable conditions to open these sidewalls for maintenance. In this case, the container is wide, it can be opened and closed, so any maintenance work can be performed inside of it.  I would like to stress the ease of maintenance of this system – the personnel can be trained in short time, the equipment is reliable. Automatic devices are very simple, requiring no special expertise.

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