August 21, 2008
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Editor's Letter

OGE Opens a U.S. Office at Houston’s Galleria

Pat Davis Szymczak

I’m just back from holidays in Houston with great news for 2008!
First, Oil&Gas Eurasia has opened a Houston office in the Galleria to better serve our North and South American clients and Russian clients seeking contacts in North and South America. Heading that office is Ryan J.D. Titsch, our new Western Hemisphere Sales Manager.

You can telephone our office free of charge if you are calling from inside the United States by dialing (1) 866-544-3640. Otherwise, dial (1)...

Main Article

Neftemashvnedrenie Affiliates with Weatherford Group

Weatherford International Ltd announced about the affiliation to the Weatherford group of companies of Neftemashvnedrenie

Cover Story

European Gas Deregulation Suits Gazprom Well

Rules governing the deregulation of the European gas market required European energy companies to transfer some of their existing contracts for gas distribution to other companies.


Space Radar Monitoring Identifies Earth Surface Subsidence Caused by Oil and Gas Field Development

Intensive earth surface subsidence takes place when hydrocarbon fields are developed. Subsidence is currently mapped with model calculations, with or without data from reference observations

City Profile

The Two Eras of Tyumen

At first glance, Tyumen seems like a typical Siberian provincial town, which no one would ever confuse for an oil capital of Eurasia. However, once you look closer, this place bears all the signs of a prosperous Russian province thriving on oil and gas, with a slight sense of luxury among the historical and cultural mix

Cover Story

Gazprom, Europe Sing Harmony on Energy Security

In their never ending search for stable employment, Russians dream of working for a safe state-owned company

Pipe Production

Russia’s LDP Production is Likely to Fall

In recent years, growth in the pipe industry has been driven by the production of large diameter pipes (LDP).  However, after a successful year in 2007, some experts expect LDP production to fall in 2008

APG Utilization

BaltStroiService Participates in Government APG Utilization Program

According to the Russian Energy Ministry, Russia flares 14.9 bcm of associated petroleum gas (APG) annually. Russian Gas Society experts believe that the volume of flared gas is higher, at approximately 20 bcm, a figure which President Putin has also cited

Field Development

Gazprom and BASF Start Joint Production at Yuzhno-Russkoye Gas Field

Despite its name, the Yuzhno-Russkoye field has nothing to do with the "south" (yuzhno in Russian). The field is located in the northern Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, in the Krasnoselkup area above the Arctic Circle


Weatherford Signs Multimillion Dollar Contract with Sakhalin Energy

Weatherford International Ltd. announced that it has been awarded a 2 ½ year, multimillion dollar contract with Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd

Weatherford-Polytechnic R&D and Training Centre Established

Weatherford and St Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbSPU) finalized an agreement on the joint establishment of Weatherford-Polytechnic R&D and Training Centre

Key Themes Unveiled for ROG 2008

The Russian oil industry as it stands today and the role of technology and new techniques in the global energy market will be amongst the central issues in the spotlight at a major event later this year in Moscow

Shtokman Development Company to Develop First Phase of the Giant Field

Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom, Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total S.A. and Helge Lund, President and CEO of StatoilHydro signed a Shareholder Agreement relating to the creation of Shtokman Development AG

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