December 5, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2008 / January #1 / The Golden ROSING Award Finds Its New Nominees

№ 1 (January 2008)

The Golden ROSING Award Finds Its New Nominees

Since it was established six years ago by the Russian Society of Oil and Gas Engineers, the “Golden ROSING” award has become one of the most prestigious in the industry

By Vladimir Shlychkov

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The 6th annual awards ceremony took place on December 7th in the Congress Center of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

Vyacheslav Manyrin, President of ROSING, and Gennady Shmal, President of the RF Oil and Gas Industrialists Council, spoke at the opening ceremony and noted that the award recipients were truly extraordinary experts whose contributions to the industry’s development could not be overstated. The 2007 nominees were no exception. Take, for example, Prof. Igor Gutman, director and founder of the Institute of Design and Scientific Expertise of the Field Geology Department of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. He lectures on “Calculation of Reserves and Evaluation of oil and gas resources,” “Mathematic methods in field geology,” “Statistic and dynamic models of hydrocarbon deposits,” and “Oil and gas field geology”. Many of his students have become directors of enterprises and prominent scientists.

Vladimir Chirskov, doctor of technical sciences and a correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), will go down in history as the last minister of the USSR Ministry of Oil and Gas Construction. His name brings to mind the construction of the main pipelines in Western Siberia and the Northern regions. Vladimir Grigoryevich was awarded the Lenin Prize, the State Prize, and the Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers. 

Anatoly Usmanov began his career as a mechanical engineer and attained the position of general director of the North-Western Oil Trunk Pipelines company. He has three diplomas from the Ufa State Oil Technical University and graduated from the Finance Academy under the RF government. Gennady Pozdnyshev, doctor of technical sciences and a correspondent member of the RF Academy of Technological Sciences, is the author of over 300 scientific works dedicated to developing new effective technologies and production techniques, the collection and treatment of oil, petroleum gas, and formation water, and environmental protection at the field sites. He was awarded the Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers.

Alexei Kashik, general director of the Central Geophysical Expedition company (CGE), doctor of technical sciences and acting member of RANS, can be called the record-breaker among the industry leaders. He has headed CGE since 1974. Alexei Sergeevich is a member of the Eurasian Geophysical Society (EAGS), EAGE, SPWLA, and SEG, and was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. From 1974 to 1991, he headed the International Coordination Center of the country-members of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance for oil geophysics.

Alexei Kashik is one of the inventors of a new approach to seismic wave fields registration using vertical antennas (strings of geophones or hydrophones) located synchronically in a few deep wells of an oil or gas field (4D seismic exploration). His name appears in the biographic collection of the International Biography Center in Cambridge.

The ceremony closed with a performance by Vassily Lanovoi, People’s Artist of the USSR, and a chamber choir.

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