November 20, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2008 / January #1 / Sperry Drilling Services Introduces New LWD System

№ 1 (January 2008)

Sperry Drilling Services Introduces New LWD System

In 2007 Sperry Drilling Services introduced the InSite Generation of LWD sensors

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This totally new LWD system consists of deeper reading, higher resolution sensors with faster telemetry and greater reliability. The first members of this new generation include the InSite ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity sensor, the InSite AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity sensor, and the InSite IXO interface to the IntelliServ® Network from Grant Prideco.

The InSite ADR sensor provides omni-directional and directionally sensitive resistivity data, as well as geosteering measurements, thereby eliminating the need for two separate tools.  These directionally sensitive resistivity measurements penetrate as deep as 18 ft (5.5 m) into the formation.  For geosteering applications, distances and directions to bed boundaries can be calculated using these azimuthally sensitive data.

The InSite AFR sensor delivers multiple depth-of-investigation, high resolution images suitable for fracture identification, thin bed delineation, and dip determination.  Additionally, omni-directional, laterolog-type data having three depths of investigation are provided.

The InSite IXO interface provides the connectivity for Sperry LWD components to transmit data at rates of 57,000 bits per second via the IntelliServ Network.  The IXO interface opens up new possibilities for higher resolution imaging, seismic while drilling, and other real-time, data-intensive applications.

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