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December 21, 2007
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Editor's Letter

In Russia, the Smart Money Takes a Long View

Pat Davis Szymczak

This November, Oil&Gas Eurasia takes you to Chelyabinsk for a look at the proppant market and Irving, Texas-based Carbo Ceramics’ new manufacturing plant.

What’s important about this project is that it shows what is possible when foreign companies take the...

Main Article

Gas Pipeline Along Caspian Sea To Be Built by 2010

Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan signed a landmark agreement to build a natural gas pipeline along the Caspian Sea coast

Cover Story

Carbo Ceramics Takes “One Giant Leap” for U.S. Direct Investment in Russia’s Regions

Russia’s fracing market is potentially so big it might one day rival that of North America

Guest Speaker

VP for Refining, Alexander Sapronov, Tells Why Rosneft is Best

Oilfield Services

Kogalymnefteprogress Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary and Shares the Recipe of Success

Associated Gas

Industry Seeks Ways to Implement Kremlin Directive to End Flaring

Metaprocess Promotes Conversion of Associated Gas into Methanol


TNK-BP Plans to Invest Up to 1.5 Bln USD in Nearest Five Years

TNK-BP is going to invest $1–1.5 billion into refining in the nearest 5 years (2008–2012), said Anthony Considine, Executive Vice President, Downstream, TNK-BP

TMK Group and TNK-BP Extend Strategic Cooperation to 2012

According to the agreement, TNK-BP will buy a range of tubulars from TMK for approximately two billion dollars over the five years to 2012.

Gazprom's Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Medvedev Named as Putin's Successor

President of Russia Vladimir Putin named Dmitry Medvedev, chairman of gas giant Gazprom, as his favored candidate to succeed him, putting him in poll position to win next year's presidential election

TNK-BP Awards Over Three Bln USD for Drilling and Workover Rigs

TNK-BP announced the results of tenders launched in August this year for drilling and sidetracking rigs and, separately, for workover rigs

SPE 2008 Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference & Exhibition. Reminder. Call for Papers

This event will provide a unique opportunity for managers, technical specialists, scientists and students to share their experience and successes of applying technology today as well as their vision on technological solutions for the future within the E&P industry

Service Companies Need More Consolidation To Satisfy NOCs

National oil companies are seeking broader service capabilities and more technology, and this trend could prompt more consolidation among service companies

Gazprom and BASF Place Yuzhno-Russkoe field in Operation

On 18 December at 10.00 AM the Yuzhno-Russkoe (South Russian) field located in the Yamal-Nenetsk Autonomous District was officially placed in operation

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