August 8, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2006 / September #9 / Drilling Equipment for Complex Tasks

№ 9 (September 2006)

Drilling Equipment for Complex Tasks

Izhdrill-HunHua is a Russian-Chinese enterprise, established on the basis of two well-known drilling equipment manufacturers: Izhdrill of Russia and HunHua of China.

Izhdrill entered the drilling service market 10 years ago. Its equipment is employed at the oilfields of Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Republic of Komi, Novosibirsk region, Western Siberia and Kazakhstan. HunHua, which leads the pack in China, also works outside the country:

– at the oilfields of Venezuela, Nigeria, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
Although this joint venture has been formed recently – just a year ago – it already has customers of its own. Tatneft, TNK BP, Heavy Engineering Works of Petropavlovsk and BK Burovye Sistemy are among them.

For the last two years the Izhdrill-HunHua production facility has been working at full capacity. A new drilling unit, BU 120\2000, will start spudding this fall. The unit was ordered by the PNBK drilling company, who plans to employ it at the oilfields of Tatarstan, and then move it north to perform well construction through horizontal directional drilling. The customer doesn’t doubt this decision. A similar drilling unit was bought by the BK Burovye Sistemy company a year ago, and the feedback given on the unit so far has been positive. The MBU 120\2000 mobile drilling unit is constructed based on American design, having the Caterpillar produced power drive. The unit underwent testing this winter in severe conditions, with temperatures dropping as low as -40 degrees Celsius. No failures have been reported. Experts especially stressed the high degree of unit mobility and simplicity of its rigging up or down. As the distance between oilfields under development is 450 km, moving and assembling equipment on site previously took about six weeks. This time, the crew did it on its own in one week, with no help from assembly organizations.

Complex drilling operation is any drilling company’s main task. The best crew training, searching constantly for ways of improving technological operations, and providing state-of-the-art equipment are all essential for this task. There will always be high market demand for new organizations with up-to-date drilling equipment and technologies, providing a world of opportunities for drilling contractors. This is possibly the reason why more and more oil and drilling companies become interested in Izhdrill-HunHua products. The company has recently won BK Eurasia’s tender offer to produce a drilling unit with a 320 t load capacity. In the bidding, the company competed against companies such as Bentec, National Oilwell, Indrill, Uralmash and Rinko Alliance. Noteworthy advantages are rather traditional: quicker manufacturing, lower costs than those of the Western counterparts, and a certified production quality. The company is certified with ISO 9001 and API.

Apart from steady drilling unit production, Izhdrill increased its drill pump production twofold in the past year. 8T 650 and 8T 310 are manufactured at the Votkinsk factory, which is a long-time partner and one of the company’s founders. Production volume is said to increase by 30 percent more next year.

Ukraine and India have become new geographical development directions for the company. Izhdrill-HunHua is presently participating in a bid to deliver drilling units to Shivani of India, is working in Kazakhstan, negotiating with the Arab countries, and making long term plans to expand its production geography, as well as listed production.
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