August 8, 2008
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Editor's Letter

How Flipping Burgers at “Hamburger U” Has Helped to Build the New Russia

Pat Davis Szymczak

This month I’d like to draw our...

Main Article

ENI Answers the Kashagan Challenge

In the Top 10 list of “world-class” offshore development projects presently underway, one of the main contenders for the No.1 spot lies in Kazakhstan’s northern portion of the Caspian Sea.

Cover Story

Drilling Equipment for Complex Tasks

Izhdrill-HunHua is a Russian-Chinese enterprise, established on the basis of two well-known drilling equipment manufacturers: Izhdrill of Russia and HunHua of China.


Tatneft’s Expandable Systems Isolate Cavernous, Lost Circulation Intervals While Drilling

Attempts to run casing strings to the required depth during well construction sometimes fail because of filter cake buildup or sludging, rock sloughing, and wellbore stability issues.

Application of Tatneft’s Expandable Profile Liners in Complex Geologic Environment

Since early 1980s, expandable casing strings developed by Tatneft engineers have been extensively used for isolation of trouble zones.

Deal Sheet

To Lease or Not to Lease, What Saith the Taxman

Taxation rules pertaining to leasing transactions always raise many questions – we will try to answer them in this article.

Drilling Muds

How to Combine Well Killing and “Soft” Treatment of Bottomhole Zone

During well operation, the most frequently repeated procedure is well killing in the course of workover.


Estimating Cyclic Strength of ESP Intersection Connections

Oil production equipment unification and interchangeability of assemblies and parts of various manufacturers are urgent matters for repair services, oil companies, and equipment producers.

Well Operation

IMCP-20-Series Multichamber Samplers Provide PVT-research Credibility

High demand for Russian oil and gas in foreign markets prompts both the state and private-owned Russian vertically integrated oil companies to enhance exploration and field development in new regions, such as Yamal, Gadyn Peninsula, Eastern Siberia, Yakutia and Far East.


Sourcing Engineers, Middle Managers in Russian Oil&Gas

ANCOR (an acronym for Analytics, Consulting and Recruitment) is Russia’s largest and oldest personnel recruiter. Two Moscow State University psychology professors launched the business after they were recruited and trained by western HR managers to find and assess staff for Russia’s first McDonald’s restaurant in 1990. Today, Ancor employs over 700 people who work in 25 offices from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Its personnel database of more than 1 mln people is Russia’s largest.


Gas and Chemical Engineering is a Synonym for Innovation

Many companies striving to reach high market standing give special attention to research, selection and promotion of advanced solutions that enable them offering their clients new opportunities to reduce costs and increase core business efficiency.

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