December 5, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2007 / October #10 / TNK-BP Supply Chain Team Triumphs At European Excellence Awards

№ 10 (October 2007)

TNK-BP Supply Chain Team Triumphs At European Excellence Awards

The awards for TNK-BP were won for Supply Chain Excellence by the Supply Chain Re-Engineering team in the categories of: Team of the Year and Public Sector, Energy & Utilities

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Team of the Year 2007 Award was presented to the team for their ability to deliver best-in-class processes and systems, and for their ground-breaking work on the Group Finance and Logistics Program in Upstream. The team won ahead of more than 50 organisations including: Vodafone, Hewlett Packard, Ford and Pfizer.  

Public Sector, Energy and Utilities 2007 Award was presented to Neil Yates on behalf of TNK-BP for the best Supply Chain Management initiative in these industry sectors.

The awards are recognition of the vision and strategy of TNK-BP’s supply chain leadership team, and to the expertise of every professional involved in TNK BP’s supply chain activities. It is thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of its people that TNK-BP has received such recognition and continued success in its supply chain operations.

The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards were launched in 1997 as an initiative to recognise and reward organisations in Europe that demonstrate excellence in their supply chain operations. Past winners include some of the biggest names and the best practitioners of Supply Chain Management in the world, including: GlaxoSmithKline, Coca Cola, Johnson and Johnson, and Goodyear.

Neil Yates, SPR and GFL Program Director said: “We are creating world class procedures for contracting strategies and supplier performance management, and systems for demand management, purchasing, fulfillment, receipt, storage and issue. But it’s the thirst for improvement from our Russian colleagues that enables us to deliver real value. Yes, we have invested in processes and systems, but people really make the difference. The team I work with and those in the business lines have embraced fundamental change and are now fast delivering huge value.”

William Sams, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at TNK-BP said: “TNK-BP’s goal is to create the best supply chain management system in Russia. Our re-engineering project is a key step towards this, and these awards represent welcome international recognition of the progress we have achieved along this road.  

Source: TNK-BP 

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