November 20, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2007 / October #10 / “It was the last December, when we saw the drawings of the new unit”

№ 10 (October 2007)

“It was the last December, when we saw the drawings of the new unit”

Interview with Andrei Budko, First Deputy General Director of Burgaz company (one of the major client of Integra Group – editor’s note)

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OGE: What generated your interest in the unit?

Andrei Budko: This unique unit was developed and created through the mutual effort of production workers at the plant’s research and engineering department and experts at Integra. It differs greatly from the units that foreign companies have manufactured in the past; I witnessed this difference, for I have seen all these units myself.
That is why current events are momentous. Through the joint efforts of Burgaz and Stromneftemas, we developed a next-generation unit which is designed for well cementing in the universal mode and requires only one operator. This unit is the realization of our professional dream.

I am sure that we will see a finished unit for series manufacturing, which will be competitive in the market against foreign manufacturers. Half of the unit’s component parts are manufactured in Russia, and, as a whole, this unit is a Russian-made product.

OGE: If you choose to buy this unit, will you purchase it all at once or will you use another scheme, such as leasing, rent, etc.?

A.B.: I think plenty of purchasing schemes are possible – the unit could be leased or rented. The choice of the scheme will depend on the financial state of Burgaz. If we have the means, than we will choose direct buying. In general I think that this is not a critical issue, because we will acquire this unit anyway. We have already purchased some of the units, together with drilling rigs.

OGE: When is the unit will be supplied for your production needs?

A.B.: In a month we will run the unit in the field and make evaluations and adjustments to the well cementing process. Within a 2-month period we will bring it to different northern regions, then we will report all the comments and complaints to the experts at Stromneftemash, and after that the unit will be started up the series production.

I can add that after testing is completed, the units will be installed at the drilling rigs in the Yamal peninsula. Operation of that kind of equipment in such a difficult region creates significant potential for development of the Yamal peninsula and the Bovanenkovskoye field. The unit itself will raise the technology of well cementing to the highest level over the coming years.

OGE: How are you going to train your specialists to operate the new unit?

A.B.: The training of our specialists will be carried out in cooperation with Integra’s plant. The training will raise the skill-level of the unit’s operators. The plant will soon require all operators to have at least five years of work experience, as well as a good knowledge of computer and automation equipment and of the technological process of grouting. In the future all the specialists, including the auxiliary personnel, will undergo training according to a specially developed program.
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