November 20, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2007 / September #9 / Integra Building Mobile Cementing Units

№ 9 (September 2007)

Integra Building Mobile Cementing Units

Stromneftemash, a division of Integra's Uralmash-VNIIBT Group is starting large-scale manufacturing of mobile cementing units, custom designed to suit the Russian oil and gas industry.


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Stromneftemash took only 10 months to design the new mobile unit, UNBS2 -600x70, for cementing, perforation and circulation jobs in the sort of harsh climatic conditions faced by Russian oil and gas operators.

The cementing units will work in as low as minus 45°C. Plant managers told journalists during a tour of the plant in Kostroma that Stromneftegmash is using largely Russian subcontractors to develop the units. This gives Stromneftegmash an edge in delivering the units faster to Russian oil and gas operators.

According to Andrei Budko, First Deputy General Director for Operations of Burgaz LLC (a Gazprom affiliate), the Integra units have no analogues in Russia. In a word, they are world class, as he described them and Burgaz will buy up to nine units. "The unit we have been talking about for such a long time is ready now," Budko said.

Hans Klampferer, Integra Vice-President, told Oil&Gas Eurasia in a personal interview that the unit's design resulted from significant research into what users of this type of equipment have found lacking in the products of competitors. Klampferer also noted that a crew of two to three people maximum can operate Integra's new cementing units. Old style old Russian models required a crew of up to 20 people.

Integra's Mobile Pumping Unit UNBS2-600x70 is designed for cement slurry and inject technological non-aggressive fluids into Russian oil and gas wells during a cementing job, hydro/sand-blast perforation, sand washing, circulation and displacement during the completion of oil and gas wells and during workovers.

The unit is fitted with a recirculation system for continuous cement slurry makeup and mixing.

The unit technological equipment is installed on Ural-Iveco 6339 eight-wheeler frame. Frame engine provides performance of the unit hydraulic equipment through the power takeoff.

Yagmur Kurbanov, reporting from Kostroma

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