January 17, 2012
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Editor's Letter

It’s that Time of Year Again – Happy Oilman’s Day!

Pat Davis Szymczak

Happy Oilman’s Day! Once again, Oil&Gas Eurasia joins the Russian oil and gas industry in paying tribute to the men (and women I suspect) who pioneered the building of the Russian oil and gas industry from Soviet times...

Main Article

Putin's Presidency: Preparing for an intermission

The appointment of a person with the profile of Viktor Zubkov to the role of Prime Minister is entirely consistent with the view that President Putin will not only remain the dominant player during the next presidency, but that it is highly probable he will return as Russia's fourth President for a further eight years. It is also entirely possible that this could occur well before the scheduled election date in 2012.

Featured Article

Uraltrubmash CT Gets Competitive with Finish Strip, New Tech Processes

Reservoir Simulation

PVT Properties Determination for the Problem of Nonisothermic Filtration of High-Viscous Oil and Ways of its Solution

Guest Speaker

From the Volga to Eastern Siberia


High Technologies for Sakhalin-II Offshore Facilities

E&P Update

E&P Update

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