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May 12, 2008
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Home / Issue Archive / 2006 / November #11 / National Drilling Company LLC Improves Sidetracking Technology

№ 11 (November 2006)

National Drilling Company LLC Improves Sidetracking Technology

The majority of Russian oil fields are depleted and subject to water encroachment. These two problems indeed account for suspension of a significant part of production well stock.

By The National Drilling Company, LLC

At the same time, both domestic and foreign experience in developing oil fields indicates the presence of extensive stagnation zones with unrecovered oil in developed productive beds; these zones are usually formed in the course of intensive field development.

That is why additional development of such fields using the existing sidetracking technologies (including drilling of horizontal holes) on the temporarily shut-in out-of-operation wells becomes a pressing emergency nowadays. Some of oil producers operating in Western Siberia invite third-party contractors for horizontal sidetracking. Among the three general contractors is the National Drilling Company, LLC.

The company is headquartered in Moscow while all the equipment and tools necessary for drilling operations, as well as devices needed for the equipment testing and repair are kept at the branch office at Nizhnevartovsk. The offices are staffed with highly skilled Russian personnel with over five-year experience in drilling of horizontal and lateral holes that had been trained at specialized centers.

The National Drilling Company, LLC does sidetracking with horizontal holes on a "turnkey" basis, starting with fixing up of the rig floor for a mobile drilling rig and ending with bringing a well into production.

For such operations, the company uses the following equipment:
• The system with WindowMaster retrievable whipstock designed for milling out a window in the casing in one run. The whipstock is oriented in the specified azimuth by its own gyro inclinometer. The system includes an orientable sub, upper reamer, flexible nipple, lower reamer, window milling cutter, WindowMaster whipstock, landing anchor, and bridge.
• The MPR telemetry system that comes with 31/8 in. and 63/4 in. diameters and is fitted with a hydraulic communication channel. The system enables operators to perform directional surveys and gamma-logging and to perform real time measurements of the formation resistivity while drilling.
• High-torque screw downhole motors.
• Diamagnetic drill pipes with 31/8 in. and 63/4 in. diameters.
• Bidirectional hydraulic jars with 31/2 in., 43/4 in., and 61/2 in. diameters.

In lateral holes the company uses a technology for liner fastening with the help of hydraulic and mechanical hangers. To prevent damage to the productive formation during the liner cementing, the design provides for a casing packer to isolate the bed from the upper interval, and also for a cementing collar.

In the last two years, the company sidetracked existing wells drilling over 50 horizontal holes and putting them in operation on a "turnkey" basis. The operations were done mainly for LUKOIL and TNK-BP. Based on the results of 2006 tenders, National Drilling Company, LLC. has received orders from LUKOIL, TNK-Nizhnevartovsk, Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, Vanyeganneft JV, and Varyeganneftegaz for sidetracking 30 horizontal holes at West Siberian fields.

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