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December 19, 2007
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Editor's Letter

If ROI Matters to You, OGE is Here to Help

Pat Davis Szymczak

I have to beg your forgiveness this month for my column. It is going to sound like a commercial. And that's because many of you right now are planning your advertising budgets for 2007. So, I'd like to talk a bit about "Return on Investment" (ROI).

Some clients think they measure ROI by counting phone calls they get (or...

Main Article

Always in Progress For 15 years, "LUKOIL" has been consistently building to its growth and success

That day the company was founded by three West-Siberian oil and gas plants: "Langepasneftegaz", "Urayneftegaz" and "Kogalimneftegaz".

Cover Story

SPE's Event Underscores Russia's LeadingRole in Energy

The scale of events carried out in the Russian oil industry is no wonder today. However, over 200 international specialists working in the sphere of oil and gas exploration, production and refining came together and presented more than 130 reports (including poster sessions) to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) for the first time.


Marine Towed Streamer - The Switch to Solids

As recently as two years ago, 90 percent of the streamers towed by marine seismic vessels were filled with a fluid (often a hydrocarbon derivative) to provide positive buoyancy for the cable.

VOC Recovery Solutions Using Carbon Bed Adsorption Technology

The CVA system consists of two activated carbon beds; one is connected to the vapor line, working in "adsorption mode", while the other undergoes regeneration by means of vacuum.


Halliburton Completes Pilot Fracturing Project In Western Siberia

Halliburton's Energy Services Group successfully completed a pilot project validating that coiled tubing fracturing treatments can be successfully performed in Western Siberia without restrictions to injection rates, proppant volumes, and proppant concentrations normally associated with conventional fracturing.

Reservoir Engineering

Secret To Ultralow Contamination: A Focused Sampling Method

Recognition of the physical phenomena of gravity and permeability of flowing mud filtrate while sampling reservoir fluids down hole prompted the design of new technology that is delivering fluid samples with near-zero contamination - a result previously not achieved using conventional sampling techniques.


New Drilling Prospects of RITEK

Established in 1992, Russian Innovation Fuel-and-Energy Company (RITEK) has been focused on provision of high-quality services to the Russian hydrocarbon-producing companies.

National Drilling Company LLC Improves Sidetracking Technology

The majority of Russian oil fields are depleted and subject to water encroachment. These two problems indeed account for suspension of a significant part of production well stock.


Sensitivity Analysis of Operating Factors, Which Affect ESP Performance in Unstable Low-production Oil Wells

Lately, the Borets company has significantly enlarged the range of products for oil production from wells with various complicating factors.


Gubkin's R&D Man Tells it Like it is

In a resent interview with Oil&Gas; Eurasia, Vice-Principal for Research at Moscow's Gubkin Oil&Gas; University, commented on issues facing the Russian oil and gas industry.

Coiled Tubing

Following the Results of the 7th All-Russian CT Conference

On September 20, the 7th All-Russian Coiled Tubing Conference took place at the Tyumen Non-commercial partnership Center of Development of Coiled Tubing Technologies.

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