April 15, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Russian Companies Make their Mark at Houston's OTC

Pat Davis Szymczak

Welcome to the May issue of Oil&Gas Eurasia. We're just back from the Offshore Technology conference in Houston. There we exhibited together with several other Russia-based companies. And as usual with Russia (be it history, politics or business) we found ourselves surrounded by paradox.


Main Article

Senergy company offer ADT technology for mature oil fields

The challenge of mature fields  is very acute topic in the oil and gas industry nowadays. This is why Society of Petroleum Engineers ( SPE) Moscow Section   monthly meeting, which took place recently in Moscow was dedicated to this problem. This month’s presentation was made by George Maitland , commercial manager  of wells for Senergy Ltd. Company.

Featured Article

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Hydrofracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is considered one of the most effective oil recovery enhancement methods, however for every admirer there is a critic blaming it for damage to wells and harm to the environment.


Ceyhan - Energy Hub to Four Seas

On 24 April 2007, in the Turkish seaport Ceyhan, a groundbreaking ceremony took place to lay the first stone of the new Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Project (TAP).


Tatneft Expandable Technology: Track Record and Range of Expandable Products

Continued from Part 1 published in OGE #4, 2007

In 1988, we started to use the expandable technology to case off caving formations penetrated by slanted wells and to control caving and well stability issues when drilling horizontal wells through the Kynovian formation targeting the Pashiyan deposits.

Enhanced Recovery

RITEK Develops a Steam-gas Generator Operating on Monopropellant for Production of High-viscous Oil and Bitumen

High-viscous oil and bitumen are not the most popular types of hydrocarbons at present; however, some countries select these hydrocarbons as an alternative to traditional crude oil and gas.


Bitumen Production

Problems of Natural Bitumen Production from Formations Having Strong Skeleton

According to estimates of Western specialists, total world geological reserves of natural bitumen amount to approximately 260 billion tons, 70 billion tons of which are considered to be recoverable.



Young Petroleum Engineers' Forum Started at Tyumen

The first stone in the foundation of a new forum for the upcoming oil and gas engineer generation has been laid - the young stars of Western Siberia now have a means of presenting their points of view to the world, and most importantly, to the industry's most significant companies.

From the Newsroom

Today's Top Story --- Gazprom Pursues ‘Organic” Growth in UK, Denies Centrica Plans

Gazprom denied its interest in bidding for British company Centrica which controls British Gas despite earlier reports stating the Russian gas giant was looking to take it over along with Scottish and Southern Energy which caused their shares to grow. Still, Gazprom confirmed its intention to expand its presence in the UK market.

More Top Features

Today's Top Story ---- Rosneft Report Declining Earnings, Blame Export Duty

Russian state controlled company Rosneft reported a 25% decrease in earnings in the first quarter of 2007 compared to the first 3 months of 2006 linking it to the growth in export duties and ruble’s growing value.

Today's Top Story --- TNK-BP sells its stake in Kovykta gas field to Gazprom

BP and TNK-BP announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding to create a strategic alliance with the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, to invest jointly in major long-term energy projects or swap assets around the world.  

Today's Top Story ---- Visit Oil&Gas Eurasia at MIOGE, Pavillion 1, Stand 202

Don’t forget to visit the Moscow International Oil&Gas Exhibition this week at the Expo Center. And while you’re there, visit OGE’s stand at Pavillion 1, Stand 202 and learn more about AUTUS Corporation.

Live From MIOGE: US Investors High on Russia

Energy programs director for the US embassy in Moscow Jane Kitson went on stump during the 5th oil and gas congress, held as a part of the MIOGE exhibition which got off to its start today, to deliver a positive message to the US companies willing to invest in Russia. “This market is a predictable market,” said Kitson.

Live From MIOGE: EU Optimistic About Cooperation with Russia

The third and the last day of the 5th Petroleum and Gas Congress held alongside the 9th MIOGE exhibition in Moscow was marked by the strong message sent by EU officials and European companies: Russia is and will remain Europe’s most important strategic partner in the energy sector for years to come.

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