September 20, 2011
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№ 4 (April 2007)

Partner Companies Talk About Cooperation with Gubkin University

Veronika Smolenskaya, Head of External Relations at Hydro Oil & Energy, Russia:

Under the cooperation agreement between Hydro and Gubkin University, students holding the company's grant have the opportunity to compete for a summer job in Hydro's Research Center. To get a summer job, the students have to prepare a presentation in English on the topic chosen by Hydro.



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Then they spend four-five weeks in Porsgrunn where they join a large international student community. Students work in project teams on real projects related to the company's current research activity.

Hydro also provides scholarships and consultations to post graduates who intend to write their theses on topics related to development of offshore oil and gas fields using subsea technologies. Post grads showing remarkable results and knowledge during work on their theses are offered practical training and consulting in the company's research centers in Norway.

Moreover, Russian universities working with us receive assistance from Hydro, as the company supplies them with software, visual and informative materials, especially for subjects related to development of offshore fields.

Anatoly Zolotukhin, Technical Director, Statoil Russia:

Statoil has already launched a joint project with Gubkin University that envisages training of specialists for development of offshore hydrocarbon fields in the northern seas.

Another project envisages introduction of information technologies into educational process. Thus, it will be possible to arrange video conferences for professors in Norway to lecture students at Gubkin University in Moscow, and vice versa: lectures of Russian professors for students of Trondheim, Stavanger and even Spitsbergen universities. During such conference, professors and students will be able to see each other in a so-called "virtual space", receive all lecture materials in high resolution on the monitors of their computers, and carry on active dialogue. The use of electronic textbooks and application packages will considerably improve computer competence both of students and lecturers. Soon, time will come when Gubkin University students will be able to control in virtual space and time the development of fields located by hundreds and even thousands kilometers away from the university, and to monitor this complex process in details on computer screens in the field development control center.

Otto Chubanov, Deputy Head of RITEK Research Center:

The Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas is a very good university, which provides training of specialists for the industry. Virtually all of us have graduated from this university. Today, it is the leading institution not only in the oil-and-gas sector, but in the Russian educational system due to use of the most advanced equipment and software. It's possible to say that this is an ultramodern educational institution. 

Our company cooperates with Gubkin University of Oil and Gas in many areas - we could talk about it endlessly. I would specifically mention joint projects in geological modeling, hydrodynamic modeling, as well as development of technologies and equipment, and their pilot application in the fields with hard-to-recover reserves in order to improve oil recovery.

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