January 6, 2009
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Home / Issue Archive / 2007 / April #4 / Who was I.M. Gubkin?

№ 4 (April 2007)

Who was I.M. Gubkin?

Known as the Father of Soviet Oil Geology, I.M. Gubkin was born in 1871 in the Village of Pozdnyakovo in what is now Nizhegorodsky region.

By Anna Arutiunova, Sergei Balashov, Elena Zhuk

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After graduating from the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, Gubkin traveled in 1917 to the United States to study the country's oil industry. He was later appointed as the head of the Soviet Oil Industry Council before becoming the Dean of the Moscow Mining Academy in 1922. Then, he became the Dean of the new Moscow Institute of Oil, which grew out of the Petroleum Engineering faculty when the Moscow Mining Academy was reorganized into six different higher education institutions in 1930. The new Moscow Institute of Oil was named in honor of its first director - a unique case in Russia, a country where universities are seldom dedicated to a person still living.
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