April 15, 2012
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Editor's Letter

The Yeltsin Epoch: An Expat's Reflections from the Oil&Gas Side of Things

Pat Davis Szymczak

In the late 1990s foreign correspondents in Moscow moaned often about how Russia wasn't exactly good for their careers. As one US network coro told me then: "The editors in New York don't care about Russia, they'll air a story only if it's on the Mir Space Station or if Yeltsin dies." Another question editors back home asked often was "Do you think they'll go Communist again?"

That was a decade ago and this week, on...

Main Article

Today's Top Story ---- Russian Court Throws Out TNK-BP Kovykta Lawsuit

TNK-BP’s attempts to prevent Russian authorities from revoking its license to Kovykta gas field delivered a major setback when judge threw out BP’s Russian JV’s suit out of the Irkutsk Arbitration Court claiming the claims did not fall under the court’s jurisdiction. TNK-BP which is owned by BP Plc is due to lose Kovykta field by June under accusations of not meeting the production requirements set at the level of 9 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Featured Article

Rosneft's Future Vision: An Interview with First Vice President Sergei Kudryashov

In recent years, Rosneft has demonstrated steady production increases. Will this tradition continue in 2007? Sergei Kudryashov, the company's first vice president, describes how he sees this year ahead in the following interview reprinted in OGE's bilingual format from the original appearing in the quarterly corporate publication, Rosneft Magazine, (Issue #1 (4), January-March 2007).


Gubkin Oil and Gas University: Where the Industry is Forged

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Academician Anatoly Dmitrievsky, and the owner of Britain's Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, have one thing in common - they all attended the Gubkin University. 

Who was I.M. Gubkin?

Known as the Father of Soviet Oil Geology, I.M. Gubkin was born in 1871 in the Village of Pozdnyakovo in what is now Nizhegorodsky region.

Peloton Software at Gubkin University's Service

In 1998 the Russian State University named after Gubkin opened the chair of information technology, recognizing the importance of the IT sphere. This chair provides basic IT training for students.

How Stalin's Death Influenced Campus Architecture

Gubkin has an urban campus in the European tradition with a rich library, cultural center, athletic facilities, numerous cafeterias, a recreational center and a physical education summer school.

Partner Companies Talk About Cooperation with Gubkin University

Veronika Smolenskaya, Head of External Relations at Hydro Oil & Energy, Russia:

Under the cooperation agreement between Hydro and Gubkin University, students holding the company's grant have the opportunity to compete for a summer job in Hydro's Research Center. To get a summer job, the students have to prepare a presentation in English on the topic chosen by Hydro.


Gas Treatment

Zapolyarnoye Oil and Gas-condensate Field Development Prompts Modification of Field Gas Treatment Units

The period of UKPG-3S operation at the Zapolyarnoye oil and gas condensate field before February 2005 saw the introduction of new field technologies and equipment. Design and construction faults were eliminated, and the technological process of gas dehydration, complicated by conditions of unstable equipment operation, was adjusted.

Caspian Region

Turkmenistan gas export options: to diversify or not?

The election of a new president in Turkmenistan raises questions regarding gas export diversification and whether oil and gas sectors will be more open in the future.


I/O Sensor Receives Lloyd's Gold Award

In 2006 the Sensor Division of I/O was awarded the prestigious Lloyd's Gold Award for 10 years of continuous improvement under ISO 9001 certification.
Formed in 1947 the International Standardization Organization (ISO) - is the world's largest nongovernmental regulatory body.

Information Technologies

Denis Volyansky: We're Here to Help Oil and Gas Companies

OGE discusses the role of information technologies in the Russian oil and gas industry with the director of the Oil and Gas Department of Hewlett Packard Russia.


Tatneft Expandable Technology: Track Record and Range of Expandable Products

Tatneft Joint-Stock Company has pioneered the innovative method of trouble zones' isolation with expandable casing strings, widely known nowadays as an expandable technology.

From the Newsroom

Gazprom, Austrian Leading Oil&Gas Group Sign MOU

Gazprom Chairman Alexei Miller signed a memorandum of understanding with Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, CEO of OMV, Austria’s largest energy company and Central Europe’s leading oil and gas group.

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