November 2, 2012
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№ 10 (October 2012)

Technical Re-Equipment Is a Market Necessity

   Nowadays, the common task of all petroleum extracting enterprises and servicing companies is to enhance the efficiency of natural resources exploitation, which can only be resolved by means of adaptive and highly qualified approach to petroleum fields development.

By Inna Zotova

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   It is clear that the oil and gas sector development depends directly on the quality of its servicing and maintenance: drilling, well repairment, maintenance of equipment in the well and on the surface. The most efficient answer to the moment’s challenge is modernization and implementing innovations.

   For servicing companies, the most important is the quality of used equipment and technology, as their income depends on these factors. Thus, equipment modernization comes out in the first place.

   In this regard, the program of technical re-equipment of the Gazprom Drilling for 2012–2013, which involves updating the existing equipment and acquisition of new modern equipment, developed using the most advanced technologies, is crucial in the context of the problem of launching the company into the open market. Technological advantages of the new equipment will reduce operating costs, as well as provide an opportunity to improve the production process and work more effectively for the benefit of our customers.

   Before the end of this year, the company will be equipped with seven MDU 3200/200 DER, six DU 5000/320 EK-BMCh manufactured by Uralmash NGO Holding and one Bentec HR 5000 CS (Germany). The following year, the equipment park will be supplied with drilling rigs manufactured by Uralmash NGO Holding: five DU 5000/320 EK-BMCh, three MDU 2500/160 DER with power top drive, two MDU 2500/160 DER and one MDU-125.

   Almost all purchased rigs of new generation, their design and parameters, do comply strictly with the requirements of modern oil and gas wells drilling technology, including:
low metal quantity in the structures, which helps to reduce the costs and terms of mobilization, construction (dismantling) and start-up;
block-modular design of drilling rigs, designed for their interchangeability in a unit;
reduced module dimensions and front-tier systems thanks to two-level design, which give an opportunity to work on oversized customer sites;
supply of a powerful energy complex, triplex mud pumps, centrifuges and additional capacities, satellite communications and monitoring of the production process and personnel drilling team activity (including the possibility to supply hot air to units and aggregates).
possibility of selecting optimum drilling modes, which is implemented through usage of variable frequency AC drives for all major mechanisms;
supply of a modern tower with open face and ecologically “clean” circulation system.

   The drilling company has opted for the equipment which is high-tech and well-adapted for usage in any climate, manufactured by Uralmash NGO Holding, and for Bentec company with its huge positive operating experience based on most up-to-date R&D. In the aspect of their instrumentation, all supplied rigs have no analogues in the Russian market, and their equipment meets the individual technical requirements of Gazprom Drilling and the operating conditions and requirements of customer companies, for which wells are planned to be built.

   In the field of mining, drilling is a fundamental process that has a long history and tradition, and it is extremely difficult to conduct costly innovations in this direction. No technical modernization can be possible without marketing, improving methods of enterprise management, professional staff.

   To solve this problem, the drilling company has got not only the strong industrial basis, but also highly qualified staff. Specialists pass through theoretical and practical training on new equipment, followed by exams and regulations. During this, rig-building crew members get acquainted in practice with the peculiarities of circuit diagrams, management of works directly during construction of mobile drilling rigs and their preparation to control on-site testing of power assemblies, by participating in their construction. Education of drilling crew members is also performed directly at the mine field during the first installation of drilling machines and commissioning works under the supervision of the Uralmash NGO Holding company.

   Gazprom Drilling has acquired the status of an independent company only recently, just a year ago, but has already declared itself on the open market of drilling services loudly and confidently. During this time, the company was able to increase the orders portfolio by 12 percent due to new customers, and this, with the total volume of work, counts as a significant share of the open market. Over the next three years, Gazprom Drilling plans to expand its main production at least by one-third.

   Despite that the company’s goals are highly ambitious, it sees the ways of achieving them. In the first place, it is increase in efficiency, introduction of advanced technologies, methods of drilling, specialized engineering software and, of course, strengthening the technological portfolio. All these factors will contribute to active launching in the public market of drilling services and building an effective high-tech company.

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