November 2, 2012
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№ 10 (October 2012)

Efficient Innovations for the Energy Industry

   Zaporozhye MOTOR SICH JSC is one of the largest companies, which ensures implementation of all stages of the life-cycle of the gas turbine engines and power plants – from market research, design and manufacture to operational support and overhaul.

By Vyacheslav Boguslaev, chairman of the board of directors, MOTOR SICH

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   The company is specialized in manufacture of the aero engines of various types.

   One of the main directions the company activity is production of the industrial units for ground application:
– gas turbine drives (GTD) for the gas pumping, gas lifting and oil pumping units;
– gas pumping units;
– gas turbine power generating sets;
– thermal energy sets.

   In order to maintain and expand positions in the market of the gas turbine power generating sets and gas pumping units, the MOTOR SICH JSC from one side is constantly upgrading the serially manufactured power generating sets and from the other side is carried out work aimed at development and mastering of  new prototypes.

   This work is conducted in accordance with the data obtained from ongoing monitoring of operation the gas turbine power generating sets and gas pumping units with due regard to the latest developments in the field of science and technology as well as on the basis of results of systematization and analysis of the requirements and requests of potential customers.

   Moreover, various basic versions are constantly being modernized and on their basis the families of the power generating sets possessing various operational capabilities are being created.

   The first gas turbine power generating sets were developed and built at the factory in 1963. Various versions of these power generating sets are currently in use, both autonomously and in cogeneration plants.

   To this day, a total of 3000 mobile gas turbine power stations of the PAES-2500 type and its various versions have been commissioned. Some of them are now used as a part of the thermal power units. Hundreds are successfully employed for power generation in difficult to access regions of the CIS countries and far abroad.

   At present, the “MOTOR SICH PAES-2500G-T10500/6300” power generating set is modernized and put in production. It incorporates many of the modifications introduced in the 2.5 MW power stations that have been in production in for the last few decades.

   Blueprints for the dual fuel power generating set of the “MOTOR SICH PAES - 2500D” type have been completed. It uses the GTE-MS-2.5D gas turbine drive having rated power of 2.5 MW. It can work on both gaseous and liquid fuels as well as a gas-liquid mix, including the ability to automatically or manually (operator-initiated) switch from one fuel to another without the necessity to unload or stop the power generating set.

   The EG 6000, EG 7000MS and EG 8000MC modular portable power plants are characterised by the use of up-to-date, highly efficient gas turbine drives GTE6.3/MC, GTE-8/MC and GTE-8.3/MC having a three-shaft configuration with free turbine.

   Beginning from 2004, cogeneration systems based on the EG 6000 power generating set having power of 6 MW have been in use at the “Igolskaya” gas-turbine thermal power plant in the Tomsk region where they supply hot water and central heating for town of oilfield workers.

   Since 2005, the EG 6000 is being successfully used in the city of Grodno (Republic of Belarus), where it supplies electricity for a residential district.
One of the latest and most effective technologies developed by the company involves the liquefaction of associated petroleum gas for use as synthetic fuel and employs the GTL (gas to liquid) principle. It is based on existing world experience as well as developments achieved by Russian and Ukrainian scientists and is significantly ahead of similar designs allover the world. This unique technology resolves the issue of scrubbing, drying and conversion of associated petroleum gas, using the modular principle of operation – in essence – a portable gas-processing plant.

   One feature that is special for this, is the ability to have it employed in processing APG directly at mining fields as well at burn-off points at oil, oil and gas as well as condensate wells, both active and those still under development.
The plants can also be used at oil refineries.

   Based on the experience gained when running the PAES-2500, MOTOR SICH JSC offers its legendary gas turbine power generating set with actually any type of gaseous or liquid fuel having calorific value not less than 2400 kCal/m³.
At present, MOTOR SICH JSC is involved in development of the next generation of the power generating sets designed to work with synthetic and shale gas as well as coal-bed methane, as well as the both requirement specification prepared by a waste disposal company and feasibility study conducted by GIDROPROM SE on MOTOR SICH JSC request were presented on the basis of the PAES-2500 gas-turbine power generating set featuring 2.5 MW electrical power output and exhaust heat boiler featuring 5.6 GCal/h heat production with waste disposal capability ranging from 80 to 220 tonnes per day depending on its constituency and moisture content.

   The energy produced can be used for internal needs of the factory as well as for the near-by residential localities.

   Usage of this combined heat and power complex allows reducing peak demand in the electrical grid.

   The introduction of these technologies allows resolving two problems simultaneously: clean up significant areas of land from wastes and reduce the cost of fuel required for the production of heat and electricity.

   Basing on the experience with gas turbine power generation sets, the MOTOR SICH company has prepared a requirements specification for manufacturing of the TEK-3 combined heat and power complex based on PAES-2500.

   The complex has been installed and launched into trial on the company’s premises. The heat produced by the TEK-3 is used for supplying hot water to the MOTOR SICH’s facilities and nearby residential localities and the relatively cheap electricity it produces is used internally at the factory.

   The TEK-3 is endowed with such technical and ecological credentials as to allow it to be not only being useful in industry but also be employed in residential localities of large densely-populated cities and regional centers, as part of boiler stations in existing housing utilities complexes. Its ecological parameters are on par with world standards. Its rate of consumption of natural gas is thus equivalent to 20-30% reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions.
Due to the ability to base such a system in close proximity to the consumer, the volume of energy loss in electricity and hot water transmission is also reduced.
The TEK-3 project has received certification as “innovative” from the Ukrainian State Centre for Science-And-Technology and Innovation Expertise.

   AO “MOTOR SICH” holds a well-deserved place amongst suppliers of modern thermo-electrical generation equipment. The company offers a wide range of modern and highly efficient industrial gas turbine systems, and a complete scope of service and maintenance works aimed at reconstruction of existing gas transfer complexes as well as providing multiple reliable and efficient turbine systems for gas turbine power generation sets.

   We hope that our latest products will help specialists in the energy sector to continue to conserve energy and protect the environment.

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