November 1, 2012
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Editor's Letter

It’s that Time Again – SPE’s Biggest Russian Event! Be There and Don’t Forget to Visit OGE!

Pat Davis Szymczak

   It’s October and Oil&Gas Eurasia is proud to, once again, be the Official Publication of the SPE...

Main Article

Russian Gas May Enter China Via South Korea

To shield the Russian gas industry from the Western economic downturn, Gazprom should focus efforts on meeting rising demand for gas in the Asia Pacific region, President Vladimir Putin recommended gas industry leaders on this week in Moscow. China, South Korea, and Japan are seeking ways to reduce their domestic energy deficits, offering Gazprom the opportunity to expand further into Asian markets. But pricing disputes with the region’s largest potential customer, China, has hindered Russian expansion into the region over the past 10 years.

Featured Article

Rosneft Seals TNK-BP Deal, Strengthens Tie to Exxonmobil

Rosneft is emerging as Russia’s true champion of the Arctic and it appears the Kremlin’s taste in foreign partners is uniquely Anglo-American – Exxonmobil and BP.

More Top Features

Downhole Instrument Upgrading to Improve Vibration Stability and Operational Characteristics

   The article describes the results of optimization of the electronic module design on the basis of tests under severe downhole vibrations with the aim of developing a unified telemetry system having high performance characteristics.

Diamonds are a Russian Driller’s New Best Friend! Popularity of PDC Bits Soar as Drilling Reaches Record High

   2012 has been another record-breaking year for Russia’s oilfield drilling industry. So far – driven by drilling programs to open new fields, re-entry programs to revitalize old wells and exploration drilling, the industry seems headed to best last year’s results by another 7 percent.

NOVATEK Will Supply Gas to EnBW, Bypassing Gazprom Export Monopoly

   NOVATEK has made the first move to evade the law on Gazprom’s export monopoly: it concluded a contract on selling gas on the European market via its Swiss subsidiary, Novatek Gas&Power.

Russia’s Suppliers of Customer-Owned Oil Gaining Ground in Belarus

   Inspired by the chance to compensate for a two-year dry spell, Russian suppliers of customer-owned oil are loading Belarus refineries to the full.

Bye Bye Belarus! Ust-Luga Terminal Routes Russian Oil Direct to Europe

   Russia’s newest oil terminal began commercial operations last week, six months after Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated the testing phase of the site that establishes a direct link between Russia and Europe.

Europessimism. Beating Gazprom Records

   The Export Strategy of Russia's gas monopoly is short-sighted: sales in Europe are falling while pipelines multiply

Green Light for Biopower. Russia Keen to Develop Its Biogas Potential

   Despite rhetoric to the contrary, some in authority in Russia are starting to wonder if the nation's optimism in an economy fueld by gas export revenue really can sustain itself for the long term.

Moscow Refinery Goes Green

   The task of modernizing an oil refinery new standards requires the expenditure of much effort and funds. Moreover, it is one thing to do so at a relatively new plant, but a totally different thing, when the refinery is over 70 years old.

Refineries Transfer to Euro-5. Though Many of Them Ask to Postpone Modernization Terms

   Nowhere in Russia does the air pollution feel as acutely as in large cities, where the concentration of exhaust fumes increases in direct proportion to rapid growth of the amount of vehicles on the roads.

New Model of Coiled Tubing (CT) Fatigue Life Prediction

   Safety and risk exclusion during coiled tubing operations is the main task arising before coiled tubing (CT) manufacturers and customers. Along with consumables and equipment quality improvement, high results are provided by methods of CT fatigue life prediction and remaining fatigue life control.

Compressors with Quasi-Isothermal Cycle – New Trend in Multiphase Pumping of Hydrocarbon Material

   Severed requirements for ecology and cost reduction for oil and gas field infrastructure development force production companies to use more advanced technologies, among which multiphase pumping of hydrocarbon material is currently distinguished.

Efficient Innovations for the Energy Industry

   Zaporozhye MOTOR SICH JSC is one of the largest companies, which ensures implementation of all stages of the life-cycle of the gas turbine engines and power plants – from market research, design and manufacture to operational support and overhaul.

Technical Re-Equipment Is a Market Necessity

   Nowadays, the common task of all petroleum extracting enterprises and servicing companies is to enhance the efficiency of natural resources exploitation, which can only be resolved by means of adaptive and highly qualified approach to petroleum fields development.

The New Generation of NPC Pumps

   The main objectives in new equipment design is to create a machine with optimum weight and size characteristics and minimal complexity of manufacturing.

Feel the Power of Innovation: PPG Creates New Opportunities for Steel Protection by Coatings in Cold Russia's Climate

   PPG Industries Inc. is the second largest paint and coatings producer, supplying latest coatings for painting in the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, engineering industries.

Interview with the lead technologist of the “All-Union Oil Refining R&D Institute” – Vladimir Bulatnikov

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