October 13, 2012
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№ 9 (September 2012)

PJSC “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” – the Leading Research, Design and Survey Institute of Oil and Gas Sectors in CIS Countries

PJSC “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” performs the following operations:
1. Engineering design of oil and gas industry facilities:
Field facilities related to development of gas and oil-and-gas condensate fields;
Transmission pipelines and underground facilities for gas, oil, gas condensate and their products;

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   Plants and units for natural gas processing, oil, gas condensate and associated products;
Facilities supplying gas fuel at pressure up to 1.2 MPa to industrial plants and settlements;
Motorway filling stations utilizing liquefied, compressed hydrocarbon gas and oil products as fuel products.

2. Development of urban-planning documentation.

3. Architectural engineering.

4. Structural design.

5. Design of pipelines and networks:
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC);
Water supply, sewage systems;
Heating and gas supply;
Power supply up to 35 kV, electric lighting and heating;
Automation and instrumentation;
Communication, radio, television;
Mechanical aids and transport (external and on-site).

6. Development of special sections of design documents including environmental protection, corrosion protection of structural units, technical actions of civil defence, production and plant management, construction arrangements and cost estimating documentation.

7. Design engineering including development of investment intentions and feasibility studies on construction, acquisition and preparation of the initial design data, project technical support and field construction supervision.

8. Geodetic, geological, hydro-meteorological and ecological engineering surveys.

   Specialists of the Institute use established standards and guidelines of the CIS and non-CIS countries in their work, the design documentation can be translated into the English and German languages.

   PJSC “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” today is a creative team that includes over 800 highly skilled employees possessing adequate experience and CAD facilities who are able to solve numerous complicated scientific, technical and practical problems.

   The Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art computing hardware and software packages that enables it to produce design engineering documentation at a high technical level.

   The employees of the Institute use AutoCAD 2008-2013 Autodesk, Microstation of Bentley, AVEVA PDMS, Kompas and other platforms to design 3D simulations.

   The Institute is certified by the Russian self-regulating organizations Inzhener-Proektirovshik, Inzhener-Izyskatel and AIIS, permitting it to perform the design and survey work which could affect safety aspects of capital construction jobs, and also by the state licenses of Ukraine.

   Internal activity of the Institute is regulated by the dedicated management systems complying with the appropriate international requirements.

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