October 13, 2012
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№ 9 (September 2012)

Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny to Provide Gas-Compressor Units for the “South Stream” Project

   The company Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny has won the bid for delivery of 22 gas-compressor units. Each unit’s capacity is 25 MW. The units will be used to build “Kazachya”, “Korenovskaya” and “Shakhtinskaya” compressor stations on the “South Stream” gas pipeline.

By This article was supplied by Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny

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   Over the 12-year period, Gazprom has been the main customer of our сompany for delivery of energy and gas-compressor equipment. In 2012 Saturn  – Gazovye Turbiny received an order for the delivery of units for the Nord Stream project.

   During Gazprom representatives’ last visit to our company, they noted that Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny was set to increase its competitiveness steadily. To achieve the set goal, the company intended to improve its products, provide  the aftersale service, and efficiently use its resources.

   The project which envisages construction of gas transportation system (GTS) “Southern Corridor” is implemented by Gazprom group of companies. The project’s goal is to supply additional volumes of natural gas to a number of regions in the central and southern Russia. This should facilitate development of industry, communal system, extension of the gas-supply system, and also ensure delivery of gas to the South Stream pipeline.

   According to the latest news, Gazprom completed the design documentation for the first stage of construction of the “Southern Corridor” GTS (gas transportation system). In accordance with the schedule, the first stage of the “Southern Corridor” GTS will be launched in December 2012 and completed in 2015. The completion is to coincide with commissioning of the South Stream’s first stage.

   During the first stage of the “Southern Corridor” construction, it is planned to build the linear section of the GTS. The section’s length is 834 kilometers. It will join “Pisarevka” compressor station (CS) in Voronezh Region to “Russkaya” CS in the Krasnodar Territory. Also, the stage includes the construction of three CS – “Shakhtinskaya”, “Korenovskaya” and “Kazachya”.

   The first unit GPA-Ts-25 was manufactured and presented to the Gazprom commission in 2010. The unit is to be used for for the South Stream project. It is based on the engine PS-90GP-25 that has been designed by Perm specialists; this engine will be used for the South Stream main gas pipeline.

   The gas-compressor unit GPA-Ts-25 is one of the latest products in Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny’s prooduct line. This unit includes the newest technologies developed by the gas-turbine and compressor industry.

   It is driven by a gas turbine engine PS-90GP-25 manufactured by Aviadvigatel. The engine was designed specifically for gas compressor application and has the best operational characteristics (see Table 1).

   The gas-compressor unit GPA-Ts-25 uses a compressor of RTM 25 type manufactured by RusTurboMash. Compressors of this series are designed with application of the leading-edge technologies of Siemens specifically for the needs of Gazprom. This gas compressor has the best efficiency parameter reaching 88 percent, which is by 3 percent higher than the same parameter of analogs manufactured by other producers.

   In terms of reliability, efficiency and serviceability, it satisfies the strictest requirements. Compressor shaft speed is the same as the speed of the gas turbine power shaft, which makes it possible to exclude the reducer from the design. Thus, the unit becomes significantly cheaper and its reliability characteristics become much better.

   Interaction between the drive and driven equipment, as well as operation of all auxiliary systems of the unit are ensured by the automatic control system (ACS). This system belongs to the latest ACS generation and ensures fulfilment of all control, informing, tracking and protection functions necessary for the reliable operation of a gas-compressor unit.

   The unit’s design was based on the latest components and employed the highest potential of the Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny designers. That is why – when designing the GPA-Ts-25 – it was possible to achieve performance and reliability characteristics comparable with same characteristics of products  manufactured by the world’s leading producers (see Table 2).

   The Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 (GOST R ISO 9011-2008) and Gazprom Standard STO 9001-2006  which, by many parameters, is considered the strictest standard of the industry.

   The latest equipment and inventions of the company’s specialists are used for GPA-Ts-25 manufacturing. For example, all mounting pads of the unit’s support frame (the frame’s length approximates 12 meters) undergo lathing on the portal five-access machine that has a 14-meter table and allows for only 0.01 mm error. This ensures unsurpassed accuracy and makes easy the consequent equipment alignment.

   By 2015, Saturn – Gazovye Turbiny will deliver all 22 units for the South Stream’s western branch. Eight of them will be delivered to “Kazachya” CS, nine – to “Korenovskaya” CS and the remaining five – to “Shakhtinskaya” CS.

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