October 6, 2012
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№ 7 (July - August 2012)

INCOMSYSTEM Expands the System Integration Horizons

   If you wish to create or save your competitive advantages, you should use the solutions implemented exactly for you. Therefore the first step on the way towards the effective solution is the selection of the reliable system integrator with the long-term experience in designing and implementation of industry-specific facilities and, obviously, with good reputation.

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   It is important since creation of complex integrated multi-user control systems with strict requirements concerning information reliability and protection is the very complicated challenge, which demands considerable professional resources and thorough following the designing and management technologies for complicated projects; and this task can be solved only by large companies. That’s why select the system integrator dealing with standard data transfer protocols, reliable software and the modern equipment. And in this case you will be assured that design solutions will pass examination on industrial safety, and the equipment and material delivery, assembly and commissioning will be performed in time and in full.

   Incomsystem Research and engineering Center has well proven itself at the Russian market of system integrators. More than 20 years the company has being dealing with automation in oil and gas industry. The Center has been established in 1991 on the basis of Neftepromavtomatika Scientific and Production Association in Kazan, which was the lead institution of the USSR Ministry of Equipment in the field of automation in the oil, petrochemical and gas industry. The Center is capable to solve the problems facing it to the large extent since it has its own production capacities providing hardware manufacture, software designing and debugging for the automated process control systems, systems for automatic fire extinguishing and gas contamination monitoring. Besides, the Center owns the factory that manufactures the automated systems for measurement of oil, oil products, gas and gas condensate. The Center has own metrological service, which provides metrological support for the equipment.
The Center staff continuously masters new software and hardware tools, improves production capacities, and introduces the modern “know-how” allowing fabrication of the products with necessary performance data. The integrated quality management system of Incomsystem Research and Engineering Center covers all manufacturing processes, monitors all processing stages allowing considerably decrease the performance time with simultaneous increase the work quality.

   The Center has implemented Process control systems as well as Remove control systems for Myldjinskoye, Gubkinskoye, Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoye, Severo-Urengoyskoye, Severo-Vasyuganskoye, Zapadno-Tarkosalinskoye, Khancheyskoye, Yurkharovskoye, Urengoyskoye deposits; automated process control systems for Yuzhno-Balykskiy gas treatment plant, Purovskiy gas-condensate processing plant, Tobolsk petrochemical complex, Sakhalin-2 project; Syzran, Saratov, Ufa oil refineries; ALTIUS PETROLEUM INTERNATIONAL.B.V. (Kazakhstan), Brod oil refinery in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Center equipment and services take part in implementation of the government strategy concerning the effective use of associated petroleum gas. More than four years the Center staff puts into operation the commercial metering systems for natural gas and associated petroleum gas at the factories of SIBUR Holding JSC, Gazprom Neft JSC. Up to date, the Center put into operation over 230 units. ABAK measuring and computing complex was designed for this purpose, which won the competition of “The best 100 goods of Russia” in November 2011 and was recognized as the “Novelty of the Year”.
The Center has also developed and put into industrial operation the following facilities: process control systems and commercial metering systems for the oil product transshipment complex at Novorossisk commercial seaport, Taman oil terminal; oil product transshipment complex was upgraded for IPP JSC; dozens automated systems were put into operation at oil and gas producing and petrochemical plants, primary processing plants and oil refineries. The following companies are among the Center customers – Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Rosneft, Sibur, Novatek, etc.

   At present, the Center staff is implementing the complex intended for hydrocarbon gases and light oil at Ust-Luga commercial seaport for Sibur Portenergo Ltd. In this port the products will be taken from railcars, stored and loaded into tankers and LHG carriers. The Center engagement in this project will allow to optimise the volume of investments via minimization of possible ecological risks; management efficiency increase; decrease of emergency number as well as the costs for equipment repair; productivity increase. This project, as well as all implementations made by Incomsystem, is provided by the guaranteed support for the systems being developed with following quality standards and contractual terms.

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