September 2, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

Neftegaz 2012 – Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” Wants You! (to have a profitable and great time in Moscow)

   Welcome to Neftegaz 2012! Look for Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” to be out in force distributing our 8,000 bonus show-copies. And we hope you like what you find inside!

By Pat Davis Szymczak

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   Our “in the know, on the ground” Moscow-based editorial team offers a snap shot of what’s happening at top Russian operators – a retrospective on BP’s experience in Russia, now that TNK-BP is again in the news with yet another wrestling match between its owners. We look at Gazprom and the latest twist in its off-again, on-again LNG ambitions; there’s a piece on Rosneft’s foray into GTL (gas to liquids). And last but not least – Russian shale (yes, we have it.)
And while at Neftegaz, we invite you to visit our client, Lufkin Industries (Stand # 21A10) and see what’s new in artificial lift.

   Lufkin engineers will be present five “Tech Talks” daily on the Lufkin stand. Details including times are on the special Lufkin promotional materials that you’ll find the Oil&Gas Eurasia “Red Army” also distributing throughout the show.
Lufkin engineers will be covering the following topics in their presentations:
Well controllers and automation solutions
Well monitoring with Lufkin’s recently acquired Zenith technologies
Realflext and Datac Software
Pumps for artificial lift including beam pumping, progressive cavity pumps, rod pumping

Gaslift and plunger lift
   In the last year, Lufkin has been transforming itself into a global provider of artificial lift solutions, building on its reputation as the world leader in beam pump technology and in well control systems that optimize production intelligently. Recent acquisitions that have bolstered the “intelligent” side of Lufkin’s optimization offerings and R&D support within its Automation portfolio, include:
Dublin-based Datac Instrumentation Ltd., which provides SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) solutions for the oil, gas, power, water and waste water, transportation and marine industries.
RealFlex Technologies Ltd, also Dublin based, provides real-time server software packages for SCADA and process control applications.
Zenith Oilfield Technology Ltd., in Aberdeen, which provides innovative technology and products for monitoring and analysis of down-hole data and related completion products in the artificial lift market.
Datac’s newly developed SCADA information server is designed to integrate into multiple SCADA platforms via industry standard protocols. It represents the next generation of automation and is anticipated to become the future platform for Lufkin’s application server. These acquisitions also expand Lufkin’s Automation footprint into other energy-related industries such as power, water and waste water.

   Zenith is focused on two core segments. The first is down-hole monitoring, data gathering and control systems, providing gauges for all types of artificial lift applications, real-time optimization and control devices specifically for electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and progressing cavity pumps (PCPs), and quartz sensors for permanent reservoir monitoring. Zenith’s second segment is artificial lift completion systems for ESP pump systems, providing pump bypass systems, auto-flow valves that increase the life of the pump, and custom completion design, services and training for E&P (exploration and production) customers.
Zenith’s product portfolio, with its state-of-the-art down-hole sensing, automated system optimization and design of custom completion equipment for artificial lift applications, is a game-changer for Lufkin which traditionally has focused on surface systems. With Zenith, it now moves downhole and offers clients the ability to measure downhole conditions with real-time, accurate and repeatable data and adjusts surface equipment accordingly.

   In a news release made after the Zenith acquisition, Lufkin CEO Jay Glick said: “Zenith’s capabilities, combined with Lufkin’s existing automation control offerings and the advanced SCADA-related technologies we acquired in January 2012 through Datac Instrumentation Limited and RealFlex Technologies give Lufkin a very powerful package of automation products and services to help our customers reduce operating costs per well and increase production and ultimate reserve recovery. This latest acquisition gives Lufkin a complete closed system offering of all the surface and subsurface artificial lift equipment and technology (with the exception of the down-hole rod string) needed to efficiently and cost-effectively produce an oil or gas well”.

   And on the pumping side of things, don’t forget Lufkin’s acquisition late last autumn of Quinn’s Oilfield Supply Ltd., an Alberta firm that is among the largest manufacturers of reciprocating rod pumps in North America; and Grenco Energy Services, also Canadian, which manufactures and distributes progressive cavity pumps and related equipment.

   Oil&Gas Eurasia has recently formed a strategic partnership with The Oconto Group, which offers customized advisory services for oilfield equipment and service companies seeking to enter the Russian market – or in the case of Russian firms, advising on entry into markets outside of the CIS. With 18 years of in-country experience in Russia, we can help you find a distributor, set up a Moscow or West Siberian office, position your product or brand with correct messaging and audience selection.

   We solve Russian problems! And if you want to know more, I invite you to write me at [email protected]. Meanwhile, enjoy Neftegaz 2012 and don’t forget to visit our friends at Lufkin!

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