September 2, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

MOTOR SICH Provides High-Quality Energy Generation and Delivery

   MOTOR SICH Joint-Stock Company is the modern multi-industry high technology enterprise that deals with designing and manufacturing of modern gas-turbine engines and power-generating units.

By V. Boguslaev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MOTOR SICH JSC

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   MOTOR SICH JSC offers the advanced industrial gas-turbine drives, gas-turbine power stations, gas compressor plants of new generation as well as heat and power generating facilities.

   To maintain and expand the positions in the market of gas-turbine power stations and gas compressor plants, MOTOR SICH JSC continuously upgrades commercially available power-generating units and perform works directed to designing and mastering of their new prototypes.

   The works are carried out based on the results of continuous monitoring over operation of gas-turbine power stations and gas compressor plants taking into account the current scientific and technological advances, last development trends in gas-turbine production technologies. The design activity also takes into account the results of systematization and analysis concerning requirements and wishes made by potential customers.

   All-round provision of the population well-being should be the purpose of a social state. Heat and power supply is one of its basic components in civilized countries. Generation of high-quality energy, its delivery to consumers is the important branch of industry. State-of-the-art of this industry considerably affects the national economy condition, solution of social problems and the living standards of population. Power engineering industry is founded mostly on traditional types of power plants: thermal power, nuclear and hydroelectric plants. As it is known, power consumption by certain factories as well as by town and village dwellers is extremely non-uniform within a day and within a year. Energy consumption depends on the factory schedules, population schedule changes, seasonal changes of operating mode, etc. Population makes significant contribution into the non-uniformity of power consumption changing the load drastically throughout the day.

   Long-term experience in operation of the power-generating equipment at power plants has shown that the basic share of the daily power consumption is covered in the most cost-effective way at the expense of the following facilities: nuclear power plant working primarily in the basic part of a power-supply system due to the difficulties connected with the adjustment of their output; thermal power plant, which operate most cost-effectively when their electric power corresponds to thermal consumption; hydroelectric power plants, which operation should not exceed the minimum water pass required according to sanitary requirements and navigation conditions.

   It is obvious that the more non-uniform load at the power system, the larger output of hydroelectric and hydroelectric pumped storage plants is required to provide efficient operation of other power-generating facilities without fall of their load at night, on weekends and holidays or without partial disconnection of these facilities, at that time.

   Since the output of hydroelectric and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants is not sufficient in most cases, the power system is forced to bear considerable additional expenditures.

   To cover peak loads, the separate generating units of thermal power plants are used; they have sufficiently high fuel specific consumption, although such units are not flexible enough: preparation of each unit for start-up, synchronization and load increase require the considerable time outlay at least six hours.

   It is necessary to mention the pseudo-deficiency of power generating facilities (accordingly, the plans for commissioning of new ones are overestimated) – there is a lack of adjustable facilities rather than the total ones.

   Since power system bears the considerable additional expenditures caused by non-uniform power consumption, and, hence, power generation, application of gas-turbine power plants (GTPP) including mobile ones is a highly promising way for saving fuel and energy sources.

   Installation of mobile GTPP is an additional measure on increasing reliability of power and heat supply for certain power districts. For example, in Siberia these stations are put into operation in the areas, where the risk of power interruption has appeared as a result of the accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. A number of GTPP are installed in Moscow and the Moscow Region in order to increase the operation reliability of Moscow power supply system during critical conditions, including the coverage of peak loadings.
The problem of frequency adjustment, especially its anti-accidental aspect, has significant importance in the quality improvement of the supplied electric power and reliability of the power-supply system.

   Maintenance of the set average power on an hour interval with the accuracy defined by market terms is the commitment of power stations within an integrated power network. To ensure preservation of the plant hourly average power at the defined level is possible only at rigid maintenance of the average frequency value at 50±0.01 Hz and maintaining frequency oscillations at standard conditions within 50±0,05 Hz with rare frequency deviations into the admissible limits 50±0.2 Hz with restoration time no more than 15 minutes.
As the reserved power facilities, due to their maneuverability, gas-turbine power plants are able to solve the problem of the ensuing the required quality of electric power in order to increase the power system reliability.

   Let’s consider advantages of GTPP usage as an example of gas-turbine powerplants used at MOTOR SICH JSC – EG 6000 and PAES-2500 having the output 6 and 2.5 MW accordingly.
1. Small start-up time – the time necessary for start-up, synchronization with a network and attaining gross output does not exceed 9.5 minutes for  EG 6000 and 7 minutes for PAES-2500.
2. Possibility of load instant drop and rise up to 3 MW for EG 6000 and 2.5 MW for PAES-2500.
3. High quality parameters of the generated electric power corresponding to GOST 29328.
4. The power plants operate in various climatic zones within the temperature range from-60 up to +55 С.
5. Power station is equipped with all systems and hardware necessary for autonomous operation.
6. PAES-2500 unit may operate consuming both gaseous and liquid fuel.
7. Noise and harmful emissions are within sanitary norms.
8. Low operational costs:
minimum investment costs for the arrangement of an erecting area, fuel feed, power energy take-off. PAES-2500 is installed on foundation for the long-term operation, operation on thrusters is permitted, if necessary;
low maintenance costs;
power self-dependence;
long service life is 12 years, SSL is 100,000 hours;
high operating reliability of the equipment;
possibility to obtain 5-6 Gcal/hour for PAES-2500 and 8-9 Gcal/hour for EG 6000 while operating in cogeneration mode.

   More than 3,000 mobile automated gas-turbine power stations with rated power 2500 kW (PAES-2500) were manufactured during their operation period since 1970. Many cogeneration units were made on the basis of PAES-2500 and EG 6000, which provide power and heat to certain settlements or operate within the power system: Igolsko-Talovaya, Grodno, Slavyansk upon Kuban, etc.
Engineers at MOTOR SICH JSC have developed proposals on usage of PAES-2500 unit as a part of heat and electric power complexes, which will use low-caloric fuel gas 2,400 kcal/cu. m and more as a fuel:
cogeneration facility intended to use coalmine methane,
rubbish-processing power facility consuming synthesis gas,
heat and power complex consuming working on shale gas.
While operating within a system, these complexes will be used not only for their intended purpose but also to adjust the whole power network (peak loading compensation).

   Thus, high reliability and safety as well as economic efficiency of a power generating system may be attained at the expense of gas-turbine power plants used for adjustment of the network frequency and equalization of load schedules during daily and seasonal peaks. It is achievable owing to significant flexibility of gas-turbine power plants including the need for fast and safe power increase depending on loading allowing to support stability of the whole power supply system.

   The trade mark of MOTOR SICH JSC is a symbol of competitive production, cost-effective and safe, claimed in the world markets. The quality management system of the enterprise is certificated by Bureau Veritas Certification for its conformity to ISO 9001 international requirements.

   MOTOR SICH JSC takes a worthy position among the suppliers of the modern equipment for a fuel and energy industry.

   MOTOR SICH JSC can offer a number of modern high-performance gas-turbine industrial drives, execute complete updating of the existing gas-compressor units, ensure the delivery of the wide range of cost-effective and safe drives for gas-turbine power stations.

   We hope, that the new products fabricated by MOTOR SICH JSC and proposals concerning their usage will help the staff engaged in the power-generating industry to save energy and to preserve environment.

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