September 22, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding: The Sky is the Limit

   Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding established in June 2010 brought under one umbrella the engineering and manufacturing potential of “Uralmash” MC and UCP (owners of “URBO” Ltd.).

By Yuri Karpov, General Director, “Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding” LLC

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   Uralmash-Tekhservice, an enterprise entering earlier OMZ group, affiliated to the holding. The company has always positioned itself as a leading Russian manufacturer of heavy-duty rigs.

   The holding is focused on supplying modern, high-quality drilling rigs of all types manufactured strictly to the terms of contracts, as well as on providing the clients highest with class technical service. Traditionally our equipment is designed for operating in the most extreme conditions; its reliability and life-span is superior to most of foreign counterparts during wells construction in the Far north conditions. Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding capabilities enable to design and produce advanced drilling rigs of all types and to render full service.

Currently the company manufactures the following types of drilling rigs and equipment:
Mobile drilling rig (load capacity 160-200 tons);
Fixed drilling rigs (load capacity 160-600 tons);
“Train” drilling rigs for cluster drilling (load capacity 160-450 tons);
Sets of drilling equipment;
Drilling rigs units and components;
Spare parts and consumables.
Summing up the two years of the hard work, I can say that the results exceeded all expectations.

   Large-scale modernization with an active participation of OJSC Gazprombank and installation of modern manufacturing and testing facilities magnified the potential of the company. Results were not long in coming, all of the above contributed to quantitative and qualitative breakthrough in creating the new types of drilling equipment.

   Serial manufacture of the cutting-edge “train” drilling rigs Uralmash 5000/320 EK-BMC (load capacity 320 tons, nominal drilling depth 5000 m) for cluster drilling in the Russia’s Arctic has become one of the company’s latest milestones. Our first clients were Eurasia drilling company (7 drilling rigs) and Eriell (3 drilling rigs). All of the drilling rigs are currently in operation. Another 13 drilling rigs of this type are being manufactured.

   Today the 5000/320 EK-BMC unit is the most popular drilling rig in the Russian market. With this in mind, in early 2012 we started manufacture of three more drilling rigs of this type, funded with borrowed assets. The project was successful – all drilling rigs were acquired by the clients at the stage of production, whereupon production of other five 5000/320 EK-BCM drilling rigs is started also funded with borrowed assets; these drilling rigs can also be acquired by customers either at manufacturing stage or at check-assembly stage.

   The main achievement of the Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding is the creation of Uralmash 6000/400 EK-BMC named “Arktika”. “Arktika” drilling rig is an innovative product with a unique design engineered for drilling single and cluster wells up to 6,000 meters deep in the Russia’s Arctic environment. The drilling rig is truly unique; it has been developed by a joint team of experts from Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding, Novatek, Investgeoservis and NEU. Considering the engineering solutions used in the product it really lives up to the definition " drilling rig of the future".

   “Arktika” is a modular drilling rig with a two-“train” arrangement of container blocks, designed for drilling wells in the Far north conditions in Russia. The drilling rig is covered from the crown block to the catwalk and has a combined heating system for continued all-weather operation in the Arctic region. The multi-level two-“train” arrangement significantly reduced the area occupied by the drilling rig; Dimensions of the drilling rig: height is 59.5 m, length – 45.9 m, width – 30.0 m.

   Our customer and representatives of Russian and foreign companies, praised the original design and manufacturing quality of the rig, elaborated design, the minimum period of its design and manufacture. In total for the customer, NEU company, four Uralmash 6000/400 EK-BCM "Arktika" drilling rigs will be produced. Another success story is signing a contract for manufacturing and delivery of seven mobile drilling rigs (load capacity 200 tons) for “Gazprom burenie”.

   MBU 3200/200 DER drilling rig can be used either for cluster drilling or for running a single oil or gas wells up to 3,200 meters deep (including lateral holes). It is equipped with a top drive, a four-stage system for drilling mud treatment, a combined variable-frequency AC drive (with power supply from either electric mains or autonomous diesel engine power plant) and a computerized control system.

   Ensuring the quality of manufactured equipment is of key importance to the company. The quality management system is a guarantee of our compliance to high standards in all phases of design, manufacture and after-sales servicing of drilling rigs and equipment. Internal quality audits are run by professionals trained in international quality control standards.

   We have always set ourselves the goal of improving the performance of the rigs with due consideration to the needs of our clients and creating the safest possible operating conditions while complying with all environmental regulations. We also want to cooperate more closely and maintain a good relationship with drilling contractors – in this way our company will always be prepared to offer solutions for challenges faced by the clients. Reviews and recommendations that we receive from clients form the foundation for our future developments. This approach to business enabled to create the drilling rigs described in the article. This trend will be continued in the future operation of the company.

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