September 2, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

Standard Series of Screw-Type Pumps Manufactured by VNIIBT – Drilling Tools

   The relevance of problems connected with the powered production technique being selected for marginal wells is defined by many factors. First of all, the most Russian fields have been developed for decades.

By Alexander Brot, Project Manager upon the field of concern “Screw-Type Pumps”

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   They are characterized by significant depletion of the formation stock and energy. Secondly, more and more fields are involved in the development with anomalous oil properties and low inflow. As a result, the amount of marginal wells is about 50% of the total Russian producing well stock; and their operating expenses sometimes exceed operating costs of firm wells by 25-30% [1]. It is also necessary to note that the arrangement of the cost-effective operation of marginal wells allows returning into exploitation significant number of wells which have been stopped previously due to their low yield, not only to obtain additional oil but also to increase the producible oil index.

   Application of a screw-type pump with the drive, arranged on ground surface, and a rod string with rotation allow to optimize operation of marginal wells with minimum operating costs [2, 3, 4].

   VNIBT – Drilling Tool Ltd. develops manufacturing, designing, delivery and servicing screw-type pumps for oil industry including screw-type immersible pumps intended for stratum fluid pumping. Design features of our units have been confirmed by numerous RF patents.

   Design and kinematics characteristics of screw-type pumps ensure high performance during operation of the wells, where usage of other recovery methods is unprofitable or impossible at all.

   Screw-type pumps have the following performance advantages:
maximum profitability during operation of marginal wells;
increase of oil withdrawal from wells;
efficient substitution of sucker-rod pumps.

   Today the standard series of screw-type pumps have been developed and produced in full scale; they have been designed to provide well operation within the wide range of alteration in head and rate (Table 1). Considerable amount of standard sizes allows selecting the optimum equipment set taking into account geological-technical requirements and energy-saving design.

   Fig. 1 shows certain types of the overground drives used in different geological and technical conditions.

   Over a number of years field tests of screw-type pumps were carried out at the fields of the Republic of Tatarstan. Maximum operating period was up to 1,570 days [5].

   Thus, domestic screw-type immersible pump manufactured by VNIBT – Drilling Tool Ltd. have high performance data and do not concede the foreign analogues. A complete manufacturing cycle at VNIBT – Drilling Tool Ltd. enables to manufacture quality products as well as provide a complete range of services, including engineering support during operation.

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