September 2, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

Complex Approach Throughout

   RusGazEngineering Group of Companies deals with EPC-contracts since 2003. At that time, EPC-approach was quite indistinctive for the Russian market; at it was sufficiently adventurous and ambitious decision to propose it to the clients…

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   But, as the further experience showed, it was the right decision. During the short period the company approached to the maximum to its strategic target – implementation of complex projects in oil-and-gas industry with high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

   During its development, RusGazEngineering was consolidated into the group of specialized companies capable to independently implement the “key-ready” projects on infrastructure development of oil-and-gas facilities with any degree of complexity. Corporate structure of the company grouping is targeted for implementation the all project phases using own resources, starting from the preparatory phase and up to commissioning. Today the company grouping has implemented more than 50 big sectorial projects; and totally RusGazEngineering has signed more than 250 different contracts with clients. The number of employees at all companies and subdivisions is approximately 1,800 persons.
Have been selected the complex approach as the business basis, RusGazEngineering group of companies follows it also during the working process arrangement. During the project realization, all data, drawings, calculations should be tied into the single information model during the whole project lifetime. Digital model is an invaluable storage of the project information, which may be useful not only for the designing optimization, but also for the supply management and construction; it may be also used as a prototype for further projects. Use of the software created by AVEVA, the leader in IT products for designing, engineering and management of projects in oil-and-gas industry, was a viable solution for RusGazEngineering.

   AVEVA Diagrams offers adequate possibilities for fast designing of pipeline and equipment layouts as well as the systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These layouts are formed in the model database and available in a structured forma for all designers engaged in a project.

   Solution for 3D designing AVEVA PDMS allows host-centric data storage; designers from different departments may work in parallel in the model. All collisions are traced and eliminated using special tools.

   Design office of the company grouping comprises seven departments located in different regions. Work distribution among them allows decreasing the period of the project documentation development engaging additional specialists in corresponding fields. AVEVA Global is used for the communication between the design offices in different cities. The current problems, which required numerous trips, are solved promptly in on-line mode.

   While increasing contractual obligations, amount of information increases several times; and it is more and more difficult to manage it. AVEVA NET Portal system for consolidation and management of engineering data was developed in RusGazEngineering in order to efficiently operate all data sets. This Internet-based platform provides an access to 3D models, layouts, documents and data from various applications while keeping complete information capacity and without the need to use an original application, in which the data had been formed.

   Owing to the data portal, collection of construction documents from remote offices was automated; and the most designers work using the single digital model of an object. Access permissions depend on the tasks solved by the certain employee; and all changes made in the existing data become available and clear to other project participants.

   Project managers and participants may promptly obtain actual information and see the broad picture per every project. It allows making the necessary checks, in-progress reviews and taking the right decisions.

   These key IT technologies always allow RusGazEngineering to meet the customer’s expectations; however, depending on the contract terms, we make project based on the technologies principally different from AVEVA technologies (for instance, PDS during implementation of the Burgas project). As a whole, participation of the company in projects does not depend upon the software used. RusGazEngineering is always open for innovations.

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