September 2, 2012
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№ 6 (June 2012)

SIGMACOVER 240 – Multifunctional Anticorrosion Low-temperature Cure Coating

   Outstanding properties of the innovative epoxy coating SIGMACOVER 240 make it a true versatile coating for various oil-and-gas industry environments, even in the most severe application environments.

By Pavel Lazarev, PPG Protective&Marine Coatings

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   Used in SIGMACOVER 240 advanced technologies, as developed by PPG company, simplify the requirements for surface preparation, enabling application of the material directly on mechanically cleaned or waterjet-treated steel without the need for scrutinous preparation of the surface.

   The unique chemical properties of the SIGMACOVER 240 ensure even low-temperature cure – this is impossible with standard epoxy coatings. Special structure of the coating allows application of epoxy-acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy-siloxane finishes. Curing time depends on the coating conditions and thickness.

   Developed by the PPG formulation of SIGMACOVER 240 epoxy coating combines ultra-high solids and, low content of volatile organic compounds, excellent flow and film build. Volume solids at 87% ensure VOC level of just 152 g/l. Also, thickness of the coating can vary from 100 to 300 microns per coat. While standard epoxy materials coat only 25-30% of the edges, SIGMACOVER 240 coating provides 75% coverage. Due to this better edge coverage, less stripe coating is required.

   SIGMACOVER 240 can be used as independent single- or double-layer priming epoxy and, if necessary, can be applied in conjunction with zinc-rich or zinc-silicate primers. A range of SIGMA COATINGS finishes may be used to get desired color or appearance.

   Extreme flexibility of application, unique properties and high quality make SIGMACOVER 240 the ideal coating for a wide range of applications in downstream installations and other sectors of the energy industry. SIGMACOVER 240 is ideally suited for offshore platforms and all types of offshore structures operating in the harshest environments. Excellent anti-corrosion properties and cure make SIGMACOVER 240 a good choice for new construction projects, maintenance of large tank farms and other large structures. The coating can be applied directly on the steel surface, providing long-term topcoating (up to 3 months) even in the harshest weather conditions.

   SIGMACOVER 240 can also be used as a coating for sea water and crude oil storage tanks. The low-temperature cure option makes it a good choice for equipment and tanks operating in the varying or adverse atmospheric conditions. Tanks with crude oil can be coated with SIGMACOVER 240 at temperatures down to -18°C, with due consideration of the relevant humidity parameters. Mechanical and chemical resistance of the coating ensures high durability against the most aggressive environments on any production facilities, while special properties of SIGMACOVER 240 facilitate its usage in multi-layer coating systems as either primer or finish coat depending on the specifications and requirements.

   Anticorrosive material SIGMACOVER 240 proved its performance and suitability for a wide range of facilities around the world, including on the Russian anticorrosion coating market. Regardless of the energy segment, SIGMACOVER 240 provides comprehensive protection against steel corrosion, low-temperature curing, top-level properties surface-tolerant qualities, ensuring a long lifeline for your facilities. 

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