August 30, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Neftegaz 2012 – Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” Wants You! (to have a profitable and great time in Moscow)

Pat Davis Szymczak

   Welcome to Neftegaz 2012! Look for Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” to...

Main Article

Russia gains serious competitors on the gas export market

Russia gas exports and consequently revenue from selling the blue fuel will soon begin to fall, experts from the RIA Ratings rating agency have reported.

Featured Article

National Oilwell buys Robbins & Myers for $2.6 billion

Oilfield-services equipment maker National Oilwell Varco Inc. agreed to acquire Robbins & Myers Inc. for $2.55 billion, its largest deal yet in a year-long shopping spree that's strengthening its position at the top of the sector.

More Top Features

BP and TNK – the Bickerson’s Head Towards Divorce

   “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests...” Lord Palmerston, (1784-1865).

And so it is with BP in Russia circa 2012.


“Berkut” Rig to Start Operation for Sakhalin-1

   Exxon Neftegaz, the operator of Sakhalin-1 project, went public about completion of the gravity base for Berkut rig. After installation of the oversea substructure the rig, by then the largest in Russia, will begin producing oil at the Arkutun-Dagi field.

Pre-Salt Rush to African Opportunity

   Recognizing similar geological formation offshore Africa as offshore Brazil, majors and independents are lining up along the West African coast in anticipation of huge pre-salt oil and gas discoveries.

Rosneft Launches its GTL Project

   Russia might get its very own GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) project: state-owned oil producer Rosneft plans to install a pilot production unit at one of its refineries. If successful, this will solve the issue of associated petroleum gas utilization, also helping the company to produce higher-quality motor fuel.

Downhole Wave Process Stimulates Oil Recovery

   The pulsed hydroimpact technology developed by the Mining Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences has made it possible to produce a small-sized downhole equipment used to make a vibro-wave impact on oil reservoirs for the purpose of oil-recovery factor raising, well stimulation, and also for bottom-hole zone cleaning up.

Post-Soviet Countries Poised to Join the “Shale Revolution”. The Multinationals Will Help

   Every year the addicted to Russian gas imports post-Soviet European states declare the ambition to find alternative to Gazprom. However, if earlier the pitch was mainly about buying the LNG from the Caspian region, Middle East, North Africa and even the U.S., now the talk has largely shifted to statements on using the own unconventional – primarily shale – gas resources.

Rehabilitation of Contaminated Soil and Water with Biodegradable Sorbents

   Increasingly common oil contamination of soil and water causes extensive damage to the environment. Rehabilitation, one of the most important environmental measures, is aimed at restoring the fertility of contaminated soil.

On the Threshold of LNG Revolution. New Opportunities Open Up for Gazprom

Last month, Gazprom pointed at favorable outlooks for LNG production marked growth. This announcement came in the situation of the lack of any tangible success stories in the pipeline deliveries sector.

No timelines were revealed, but should the gas monopoly get a move on, it may secure a decent niche for itself both at the European, and the Asian LNG markets.

SIGMACOVER 240 – Multifunctional Anticorrosion Low-temperature Cure Coating

   Outstanding properties of the innovative epoxy coating SIGMACOVER 240 make it a true versatile coating for various oil-and-gas industry environments, even in the most severe application environments.

Flexible Tanks. Obvious advantages for any company

   Neftetank LLC entered the tank manufacturing market only 4 years ago. However, over this time it has managed to gain tangible results. The list of Neftetank LLC clients includes major companies, specifically, Gazprom and Transneft, the RF Defense and Emergency Response Ministries and a number of other organizations.

Complex Approach Throughout

   RusGazEngineering Group of Companies deals with EPC-contracts since 2003. At that time, EPC-approach was quite indistinctive for the Russian market; at it was sufficiently adventurous and ambitious decision to propose it to the clients…

New Servicing Solutions

   “Novomet” started its business in 1991 with the design and production of powder stages for multi-stage oil-producing ESPs. Since then the company has become one of the flagships of the domestic servicing industry.

Standard Series of Screw-Type Pumps Manufactured by VNIIBT – Drilling Tools

   The relevance of problems connected with the powered production technique being selected for marginal wells is defined by many factors. First of all, the most Russian fields have been developed for decades.

Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding: The Sky is the Limit

   Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding established in June 2010 brought under one umbrella the engineering and manufacturing potential of “Uralmash” MC and UCP (owners of “URBO” Ltd.).

Metallon and UrFU: Crafting High-Tech Independent Settlements for the Future

   We craft what others only talk about. Exploration and field work in unpopulated areas requires appropriate infrastructure for supporting the daily activities of people. This is an expensive challenge that faces any business associated with the hydrocarbon production.

Rotary Steerables. Enable Extended-reach and Precision Control in Tight Zones

   As reservoirs are depleted, the necessity to drill directional wells to penetrate and access reserves is gaining momentum. Directionally drilled wells are increasing in complexity due to intricate wellbore trajectories, tighter zones, and challenging drilling mechanics.

Integrated Solutions for Subsea Services from DOF Subsea Norway AS

   Group DOF Subsea is the leading provider of integrated solutions for subsea services to the oil and gas industry.

MOTOR SICH Provides High-Quality Energy Generation and Delivery

   MOTOR SICH Joint-Stock Company is the modern multi-industry high technology enterprise that deals with designing and manufacturing of modern gas-turbine engines and power-generating units.

Neftegaz 2012 – Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” Wants You! (to have a profitable and great time in Moscow)

   Welcome to Neftegaz 2012! Look for Oil&Gas Eurasia’s “Red Army” to be out in force distributing our 8,000 bonus show-copies. And we hope you like what you find inside!

RPGC Oil Day in Moscow: New Technologies Crucial to Further Development of Russian Oil Sector

Russia and the world will depend on new technologies in oil, gas and coal at least through 2030, speakers at the 10th Russian Petroleum and gas Conference plenary session said today. Inessa Varshavskaya (Rosgeology) pointed out a number of large discoveries in the past 10 years noting that many of them were subsalt formations and shale gas deposits.

RPGC Gas Day in Moscow: Russia has Shale Gas, Too

The recent breakthroughs in economically effective technologies for producing shale gas have made the USA a potentially significant supplier of natural gas. "The example of the United States showed all suppliers of natural gas that they can expect stiff competition on the market", Energy Strategies Institute council member Aleksey Mastepanov told delegates at the 10th Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress in Moscow today.

"A Strong Russia" Summit Highlights Need for Innovation in Fuel and Energy Sector

Speakers at the "Strong Russia" business summit held July 3 in the Tsaritsyno museum in Moscow highlighted the significance of implementing innovative technologies in the fuel and energy sector. This year the summit, which is sponsored by the Russia Federation Chamber of Commerce, the Russian Duma and the Russian Presidential Administration, marked its fourth anniversary.

Neftegaz 2012 - See you next year, too!

As the 14th international Neftegaz-2012 exhibition concluded on June 29, exhibitors and attendees were optimistic about the near-term prospects of Russian fuel and energy industry. Despite setbacks in the sector over the past few years, those present at the Expo Center on the banks of the Moscow river were satisfied that Russia and Eurasia as a whole would see improvements in oil and gas project development. At the same time, representatives of some foreign companies said the exhibit was not as lively as it has been in the past. Still, they said, there were more plusses than minuses.

Gazprom Plans to Build it's Own "Skolkovo"

Gazprom has more and more frequently been encountering tight reserves and this has had a significant impact on the company's position among its competitors (including both other companies and gas producing countries).

Total Wins Permit to Explore Bulgarian Black Sea Gas Field

French company Total SA has won a permit to develop Bulgaria's Black Sea natural gas resources, Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev announced.

Gazprom in talks to buy gas from Brunei

Russian energy firm Gazprom has been in talks with Brunei LNG over the possibility of gas purchase due to uncertainty over liquified natural gas production in Russia.

CNOOC to Acquire Nexen for $15.1B

China-based CNOOC Limited will expand its international business and resource base by acquiring Calgary-based Nexen Inc. in an acquisition valued at $15.1 billion.

Varel International and NewTech Services Launch New Russian PDC Drill Bit Manufacturing Plant

Varel International and NewTech Services announce building completion and launch of their Polycrystalline Diamond (PDC) Drill Bit manufacturing plant located in Kurgan, Russia. 

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