August 9, 2012
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№ 4 (April 2012)

The Legendary RIDGID® Wrench A Lifetime Partner – Designed for Heavy-Duty Work in Oil and Gas Fields

   It is commonly known that the oil and gas sector is strategically important for Russia.  It is the core of the economy, which handles a big share of export and federal budget income. The resource extraction is an extremely laborious process: frost, snow, mud, sand, those are the usual working conditions for drillers, oilfield workers and gas industry workers.

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   Thus, having high-quality equipment on the jobsite is important for oil and gas companies.

   The specialists of oil and gas companies know how important it is to have a pipe wrench on which you can rely; a tool which, in extreme conditions, will work smoothly for years. Very often, pipe wrenches undergo extreme load when coupling or uncoupling threaded connections on drill rods. Therefore, the driller needs to be confident that his tool will get the job quickly and safely done. Consequently, the tool should sustain temperature extremes under load; thus a wrench has to hold hot pipes in freezing weather. In addition to this, it should provide a durable grip for the pipes covered with oil or mud.  

   The first large-scale implementation of the pipeline systems started at the beginning of the 19th century in the U.S.  This is where the need to develop reliable and practical tools started. In 1923 in Ohio (USA) the Ridge Tool Company within the scope of its engineering work developed and produced a revolutionary new type of the pipe wrench.  It considerably facilitated the pipe fabrication and took greater load than any other wrench. This is how RIDGID® started, a world-wide leader in the professional tools production. The pipe wrench was the first tool created and it became the company symbol and a reference nowadays. Since then all models of RIDGID wrenches are designed according to the revolutionary model of the genuine heavy duty pipe wrench that was often copied, but has never been improved upon! RIDGID wrenches are legendary with their world-famous durability and operational reliability. The company’s original pipe wrench won recognition long ago and has been used already for about 90 years.

   When buying tools, professionals know that major attention should be paid to reliability and safety. Commonly there are situation when drill rigs are locked at threading connections, after the well hit rock underground. During these times, extreme pressures are put on wrenches in order to free free the pipe.  RIDGID wrenches are made of special cast iron that does not break but bends instead, signaling when the wrench is about to break. Moreover, tight grip is achieved through design peculiarities of “jaws” with special inclination.

   RIDGID tools are designed and produced according to the high quality standards for their long-term and efficient implementation. Pipe wrenches are available in a number of different styles and sizes particular to the job they are designed for:
The most wide spread are Straight Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches. They are specially designed for gripping rounded objects (pipes).

   If, you need to provide fast and secure clamping, in addition to its preciseness and efficiency, RapidGrip® is your perfect assistant. RapidGrip makes your work move faster, even with one hand. Its unique design in combination with specific form of “jaws” provides rapid and complete pipe gripping.

   Compound Leverage Wrench is used when additional force should be  applied,  for  example  when  spinning  away  the  stuck  drill  rods.  The  force made by the compound leverage wrench is three to seven times greater than that of the ordinary pipe wrench.

   Chain Pipe Wrench – Designed and sized to provide extra leverage for the toughest jobs. The wrench also forged and heat treated jaw,hardened chain links and pins.

   If you need a heavy duty wrench you should choose Rapwrench. A smooth flat handle surface can be used as a hammer. It is useful for releasing coalescent binds.

“I started using Ridgid tools 30 years ago on the oil rigs overseas. I was young but knew quality mattered and Ridgid has it. I started using hand pipe threaders and pipe cutters. Then we moved into the 535 threader, thought I died and gone to heaven! As far a pipe wrenches go, it’s a given, you just don’t buy anything else, simple....»
Vioen Ernest D

RIDGID®, a leading manufacturer of innovative tools and equipment for the professional trades, markets its products in more than 140 countries. The company’s broad offering of more than 300 types of tools, including RIDGIDConnect™, an online business tool, serves the rental, plumbing, HVAC/R, utility, industrial, electrical, petroleum, institutional, commercial and hardware markets. RIDGID is part of Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions, a business of Emerson, which brings technology and engineering together to design and produce some of the highest-quality tools and equipment in the world.
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