September 1, 2012
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№ 3 (March 2012)

Editor's Letter

How are You Reaching Russia at Neftegaz 2012? Oil&Gas Eurasia can Raise Traffic to Your Stand!

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Pat Davis Szymczak

   Neftegaz and the Russian Petroleum Congress are literally around the corner. If you’re putting a marketing budget together, I hope you’ll consider Oil&Gas Eurasia.

   OGE is the preferred media partner of many of the top companies that participate in this annual event. The reason? No one delivers your message in the quantity or style of OGE. Our “Red Army” has become legendary for its comprehensive distribution of up to 8,000 copies of Oil&Gas Eurasia at the June Moscow oil and gas exhibition – be it Neftegaz in even number years or MIOGE in odd number years.

   But there’s a lot more to developing the right marketing at an exhibition, than simply buying a magazine advertisement to “fly your flag”.
First, it’s your message. Do you have one? If you’re new to Russia, do you think it’s enough to simply translate English-language advertising copy? How about your positioning statement? The words might translate, but does the meaning translate culturally? Are you translating English language corporate branding ads that make sense in your home market where you are well known but mean nothing in a new market full of prospective customers who don’t know who you are in the least?

   If you’re a Russian company you’ve got another problem.  No offense but I’ve lived here since the 1990s so while I’m a foreigner, I’m also family and you’d expect your family to tell you straight – your sense of what makes good marketing often leaves much to be desired. Marketing is about a lot more than a bombastic picture and a trite slogan.

   This is why Oil&Gas Eurasia now offers “marketing solutions” that can truly boost your return on investment at Neftegaz 2012. Let me tell you about how we customized an exhibition marketing package to a particular U.S. client’s needs at MIOGE 2011.

   Texas-based Lufkin Industries asked us to create a buzz around the opening of their new Moscow representation office. Our package included: organization of technology seminars on their stand; promotion of the seminars through web and print media (including media planning in niche engineering journals other than OGE), editorial and advertising presence in OGE’s June issue, and distribution of invitations to the client’s stand by our “Red Army”.

   The results? A list of nearly 40 qualified sales leads with full contact and demographic details, plus visits to their stand from decision makers from prospective Russian clients with whom our client had previously had no contact (though our client had been successful exhibitors at MIOGE for years.)
What our client did differently in 2011 was contract with OGE to consult on the client’s messaging in Russia, to develop a Russia-specific positioning statement and to create an event-related “call to action” through the development of technology seminars on the client’s stand. With all of that in place, OGE delivered the message to a highly targeted audience across print and digital media platforms using not just OGE media but also buying space on behalf of the client in niche Russian engineering media.

   In this regard, Oil&Gas Eurasia has become not just an advertising vehicle selling you a commodity that you can only measure in terms of BPA data; Oil&Gas Eurasia has become your marketing consultant. And our success is measured on what we can deliver to you, our client, in the way of qualified prospects.

   Of course we are still happy to sell you the commodities – now is the time in fact to order Russification of your leaflets, brochures and catalogues.  We can translate, reflow InDesign files and print manage anything you have off the shelf.

   We also handle original creative design of advertising material from the conceptualization stage through artistic execution. Write me with your questions, [email protected].

   If I’m already too late with my pitch for Neftegaz, I hope you’ll think about Oil&Gas Eurasia for the SPE Russian Technical Oil&Gas Conference & Exhibition in October. OGE is not only the official publication for the event, we also do the Show Daily Newspaper and the Official Show Catalogue. Like Neftegaz, this is a “don’t miss it” event if you hoping to grow your business in the Russian oil and gas patch.

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