April 14, 2012
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Editor's Letter

Jackson-Vanik and the Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe

Pat Davis Szymczak

   I’m a Trekkie. That means I love “Star Trek”. I have been a “Star Trek” fan since it debuted as a weekly TV show in 1966 in...

Main Article

Lukoil Demands Access To Offshore Arctic

It is high time to abolish the current restrictions of offshore oil production in the Arctic, Lukoil argues. In an interview with the Financial Times, Lukoil President maintains that changes in federal legislation on Arctic shelf access now finally are in the pipeline.

Featured Article

CNPC, Shell Sign First Shale Gas Production Sharing Contract In China

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Shell China Exploration and Production Company Limited (Shell) today signed a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for shale gas exploration, development and production in the Fushun-Yongchuan block in the Sichuan Basin, China. Subject to government approval, this is the first shale gas PSC ever signed in China. The contract area covers approximately 3,500 square kilometres.

More Top Features

Industry Turnaround Sees Drilling Rise in 2012

   The results of the 2011 oil and gas production have been summed up, and some experts believe that 2011 will enter the national history of hydrocarbon production as the year of the industry revival.

Shelf Development Plan Shuts Out Foreigners Despite Investment Need

   Russia’s Ministry of natural resources drafted a new program for offshore fields’ development. It is designed for the next 18 years and assumes transferring to subsoil users some 40 licenses.

WTO Opens World to Russia. Though U.S. Trade Remains Hobbled by Jackson-Vanik

   It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Russia has been welcomed into the World Trade Organization (WTO). What will this mean in practical terms for the oil and gas industry? Not much for energy prices. But oilfield equipment producers will face more competition from imports; and Russian manufacturers will become more competitive and have an easier time exporting.

NOVATEK Slices at Gazprom to Grow

   NOVATEK, Russia’s leading independent gas producer, presented a development strategy through 2020. Using the assets acquired over the past two years, the company aims at a twofold increase in natural gas production and a threefold increase in liquids production.

Same Old Story for Russian Refining. 20 Years Pass and Things Still Need Sorting

   Russia’s primary processing capacity peaked in the early 1980’s, after commissioning Achinsk Refinery (Krasnoyarsk Territory) in 1982 (Fig. 1). Up until the early 1990s capacity of Russian refineries lingered at just over 350 million tons (1989 – 353 million tons), putting Russia second in the world in terms of refining capacity (after the US).

RITE.Net System Improves Readiness Control and Reliability of New and Conventional Technologies

Equipment readiness and reliability control are critical considerations in the job preparation process. Reducing nonproductive time (NPT) and costs associated with accidents is achieved by different means, including improving the reliability of equipment and downhole tools. With improper maintenance, even simple and reliable equipment can have a higher risk of accidents.

Kazakhstan Reflects on 20 Years of Independent Oil&Gas Production

   For Kazakhstan, the past 2011 was marked by several anniversaries. The most significant of these is the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic. Yet, since Kazakhstan’s economy is largely (more than 70 percent) dependent on oil exports, one shouldn’t slough off the milestones of the country’s oil and gas industry which greatly influenced the future of independent Kazakhstan.

New Heights for Downhole Drilling

   Precision matters when spending millions of dollars drilling for minerals or oil and gas in harsh environments such as the North Sea, the frozen Arctic or scorching deserts of North Africa. That’s why more and more drilling companies are relying on gyroscopic surveying tools for accuracy.

Chevron Looks Towards Russian Arctic

Better investment conditions and promised tax breaks makes U.S. energy giant Chevron catch new interest in the Russian Arctic. The plans for new and more liberal regulations on the access to Arctic natural resources make us interested, representatives of Chevron stressed in a meeting with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources this week, a ministry press release informs.

New Large Gas Field Discovered in Turkmenistan

A new large gas field has been discovered in Turkmenistan, RIA-Novosti has reported, citing Turkmen television. News about the new discovery was relayed at a Friday meeting of the Turkmenistan government by the director of the country's Oil and Gas Resources Management Agency, Yagshigeldy Kakayev.

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